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We choose to be teachers and nothing else Dear Governor, dear Mayor: take action now

Members of Oahu's Neighborhood Board system sent an open letter to Honolulu Mayor Blangiardi and Governor Ige. Read More »

COFA migrants would be denied coverage under US Senate draft bill HSTA rally for fair pay Governor Ige names new group of UH regents

Supreme Court Justice Acoba and environmentalist Helen Nielsen, both currently serving in an interim capacity, stand out on list Read More »

Eight lessons from the Carleton Ching nomination

Governor Ige instigated a political crisis by nominating a developer's lobbyist to watch over Hawaii's natural resources. Here are some of the lessons that this crisis taught Hawaii about our political culture. Read More »

Petition opposing Ige’s DLNR nomination surpasses goal

Governor stands behind "the right person for the job." Read More »

Hawaiian Electric to be sold for $2.63 billion to Florida company

American Savings Bank will be sold off as an independent public company Read More »

SUMMIT Fest is coming October 24-26

Hawaii's celebration of arts, culture, and ideas launches soon Read More »

Hydrogen sulfide released at Puna geothermal plant

A small hydrogen sulfide leak has been reported in Puna, Hawaii. Read More »

When voting for Governor, one vote is worth a thousand people When voting, think about the coalitions Expecting more from our candidates

Putting today's CD1 race into historical perspective Read More »

We’re putting our iOS app on ice How much federal money goes towards Native Hawaiian programs?

About $34.9 million per year, according to our preliminary analysis. Read More »

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

You may have seen these signs. Here's the story behind them. Read More »

Announcing Summit Magazine

The new premium quarterly will present an updated take on Hawaii, with a focus on presenting Hawaii's best to the world. Purchase your pre-sale subscription here! Read More »

State takes a step toward Hawaiian education Lawsuit also takes aim at how Council vacancy was filled Mandela Married and equal

Hawaii married its first same-sex couples early Monday morning. Read More »

Whither the Law of the Splintered Paddle?

Between Stanley Chang and Tom Brower, we need a better approach to houselessness. Read More »

The Morning Star Don’t forget the Baehr case Education that serves the real world Kahuku family awaits eviction Lost drone? →

Definitely a sign of the times: a lost drone copter in NYC. More at Kottke » Read More »

Hawaii women earn 83% of their male counterparts

This is compared to a 77% national average. Better, but not good enough. Read More »

Are you earning $32.14 an hour?

There are 168 hours in a week. But in Honolulu, a minimum wage worker would need an extra nine to afford housing. Read More »

orange Candles for Syria I remember Juggie

The former legislator Ernest Heen, Jr. was a passionate advocate for the grassroots Read More »

Kauai’s bill 2491 goes to committee → orange_rouge What we got wrong about La Ho‘iho‘i Ea

Activism, not righteousness, results in political gains Read More »

Navy grants unfunded extension to UH for lab contract

The dollar value of the research conducted through the UARC ARL – $7.9 million – is barely 1/5 of the $44.7 million that University officals promised back in 2005. Read More »

blue Does Honolulu need a bike sharing system? Seel dance Could New York’s Bryant Park be an inspiration for Thomas Square?

Thomas Square has the potential to be a vibrant center for civic life. Here's one possible model. Read More »

Mother’s Day Syria on Boston Schatz raises $1.1 million Kuhio Day 2013 Kahana families get their leases

The Board of Land and Natural Resources granted leases to six Kahana Valley families today. Read More »

Exclusive: State in negotiations to renew Pohakuloa lease to Army From grocery store to food hub

How an empty Lihu‘e grocery store could become a community center for local food production Read More »

St. Patrick’s The distance to go

On International Women's Day, let's celebrate Hawaii's comparative gender equity, but push to do better Read More »

Chavez’s project had nothing to do with us Accelerating to liftoff

Pieces are falling into place for Henk Rogers' new startup accelerator Read More »

Hawaii film to take on domestic violence in Rarotonga How the PLDC was lost

How widespread protests and a dissident legislative faction combined to topple the PLDC – for now. Read More »

Monsanto seats lobbyist on panel to select water commission Jason Roberts: How To Build a Better Block

"I am not the leader of a bicycle movement. But I became one." Read More »

R&D, refreshed

The collaborative creative space operated by Interisland Terminal celebrated a 'refresh' Tuesday evening, with a revamped layout, expanded microcinema, and private meeting space.

Zimbabwe floats gender-equality constitution → Nago to keep his job → Governor pushes for clean energy loans State reducing General Assistance payments Gallery: 2013 Opening Day GMO Rally

A movement is gathering to pin labels on GMO foods Read More »

Vandana Shiva speaks at UH Manoa

A collection of social media posts from Dr. Vandana Shiva's talk at UH Manoa Tuesday evening. Read More »

Turtle Bay resort forms foundation; grassroots coalition cuts talks Democrats side with Speaker Souki →

Joe Souki will be speaker on opening day. More at Star-Advertiser » Read More »

The Alice Walker interview Ideas for a better Hawaii Mr. Schatz goes to Washington

Governor Abercrombie has selected Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz to succeed the late Senator Inouye. Read More »

What Inouye’s passing means for Hawaii

In 2005, the entrance to Senator Inouye's office in the glass-walled Hart building in Washington DC held a row of portraits on its wall, with Kamehameha I, Liholiho, Kauikeaouli, the rest of the Kamehameha dynasty, and the brother and sister who were Hawaii's final monarchs. And at the end, a bare spot, just the right size for another frame. Read More »

Abercrombie and his teachers Why are teachers protesting?

Teachers at 38 schools are participating in a “work to the rules” protest, in which they are working strictly to the letter of their existing contract, and not performing additional tasks (extracurricular clubs, preparing lessons, meeting with parents, etc.). Here are some key points to understand about these demonstrations. Read More »

Monsanto water case is a test for new commission

"Our tutu taught us to pule. You pray for rain. In farming there are no guarantees. These guys want a guarantee." – Walter Ritte Read More »

What are your ideas for improving Oahu transportation?

The Independent, in conjunction with The Value of Hawai‘i and Interisland Terminal, is hosting a discussion Saturday from 10 am - noon at R&D in Kaka‘ako. We're asking the community for your ideas to improve transportation on O‘ahu. If you can't make it, please leave your mana‘o in the comments, and we'll include you in our coverage of the discussion. Read More »

Manoa Hawaiian Chocolate reaches Kickstarter goal

A new local chocolate factory has surpassed its crowdfunding goal – good news for chocolate fans! Read More »

More human remains unearthed

More human remains have been unearthed by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit. Read More »

PLDC protest at Hilo Democratic rally → An account of ballot shortages at Hokulani Elementary

"There were problems with command center all day," Mike Kratzke, a state voter assistance officer told The Independent. Read More »

2nd printout: Caldwell holds lead

With an additional 60,000 votes counted, Caldwell still leads Cayetano by nine percentage points.

Caldwell, Hirono, Say, Apoliona lead

The first report is out: Caldwell leads with 53.8%, and Hirono is ahead by a staggering 62.9%. Read More »

First printout still not available Letter to the next mayor: We need a better planning process

Hardline supporters or opponents of this rail plan have an easy choice on Tuesday. But moderates – such as myself – who want mass transit yet oppose the specifics of this rail plan are in a difficult position. Read More »

Chinatown diner burglarized early this morning

Downbeat Diner is asking for the community's help in recovering a safe stolen early today. Read More »

Governor’s spokesperson exits for DOE

Donalyn Dela Cruz starts at the Department of Education on November 1. Read More »

PLDC not exempt from environmental laws, and why that may not matter

A legal analysis by a legislative agency confirms that the new corporation is not exempt from environmental review. But other laws which protect land use don't apply to the new corporation. Read More »

City council wants power to create special funds →

Rosemarie Bernardo, reporting for the Star-Advertiser:

The Honolulu City Council wants the authority to create special funds to ensure fees and taxes paid by the public are spent for the proper purposes, such as requiring fuel tax revenue to pay for road improvements.
More at Star-Advertiser » Read More »

Monsanto seeks to add backup Oahu water source

In November, the state water commission will consider allowing Monsanto to develop an emergency water source. Read More »

PLDC approves strategic plan

David Kimo Frankel, Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation attorney: "It's an empty gesture." Read More »

Aikea coalition to take on Calvin Say

The race for Palolo's State House seat just got interesting. Read More »

Two sovereignty activists plead guilty to fraud and conspiracy in Maui bond scam →

Ian Lind:

Two members of the Maui-based Hawaiian sovereignty group, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, have admitted they sold fake “private bonds,” “bonded promissory notes” and other bogus documents which they falsely claimed could be used to block bank foreclosures and pay off debts, including home mortgages, credit card debt, and taxes. The group met prospective victims through seminars and workshops offered on Hawaiian history and land rights.
More at iLind.net »

City planning director to leave for private firm

David Tanoue is leaving his position tomorrow as director of the city's Department of Planning and Permitting. He starts on October 1 as Vice President at RM Towill Corporation. Read More »

Cayetano presents ‘FAST’ alternative

The mayoral candidate proposes combining an dedicated bus lanes, tweaks to existing roads, and changes to our urban rhythms, such as telework and staggered work hours. He estimates his proposal to cost $1.1 billion. But will it reduce our dependence on automobiles? Read More »

Local 5, Turtle Bay reach settlement

Full details of the agreement will be available Friday, according to the prepared statement reprinted below. Read More »

Call for questions for mayoral candidates

The Independent is asking for your input on questions that we'll pose to Ben Cayetano and Kirk Caldwell, Honolulu's mayoral candidates. We'd like to include your voice to the greatest extent possible. Read More »

Community gathers to support 808 Urban

The community came together Thursday evening to support the work of 808 Urban, spearheaded by John "Prime" Hina. Read More »

Hawaii experts examine possible tsunami debris →

A team of state officials are investigating a piece of ocean debris found offshore of Kaupo, O‘ahu, which they believe may be tsunami refuse from Japan. More at Hawaii News Now »

Consumer Reports finds high arsenic levels in rice →

A new Consumer Reports study finds high levels in arsenic in rice. Tom Philpott, food and agriculture blogger for Mother Jones, reports:

What's the takeaway from all of this? To avoid excessive exposure to arsenic, Consumer Reports recommends that adults limit their rice intake to two quarter-cup servings per week; children, they say, should get just 1.25 servings per week. In the long term, Urvashi Rangan, director of safety and sustainability at Consumer Reports, told me, "what we'd really like to see happen is for the FDA to get serious about getting arsenic out of chicken feed."
More at Mother Jones »

Romney responds with “‘Recovery, not dependency” →

Romney is handling the "47%" debacle by sticking to his talking points.

Instead of creating a web of dependency, I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty.
Click through for the full op-ed. More at USA Today »

Study finds strong link between diabetes and walkability →

Researchers studied one million Toronto residents, and found that less walkable neighborhoods lead to higher rates of diabetes. More at Atlantic Cities » Read More »

Big Island Councilmember Brenda Ford: Abolish PLDC →

The PLDC is exacerbating home rule concerns for the neighbor islands. More at West Hawaii Today »

‘Big Wind’ is no more – or not

The state project to develop wind power on Moloka‘i and Lana‘i, connected to O‘ahu via an undersea cable, is being repackaged, and possibly replaced, by a new initiative. Read More »