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Announcing Summit Magazine

The new premium quarterly will present an updated take on Hawaii, with a focus on presenting Hawaii's best to the world. Purchase your pre-sale subscription here!

Ikaika M Hussey

The Independent is proud to announce Summit, a new quarterly magazine that showcases Hawaii’s best, for the world.

Summit Magazine draws on the motto of Queen Kapi‘olani, who said “Kulia i ka nu‘u,” or strive for the summit. The new magazine contends that Hawaii has a long history of excellence. From our remarkable emergence in the 19th century as the most literate country on the planet, to the electrification of Iolani Palace in 1886 – prior to the White House – Hawaii has exceeded world expectations of a small Pacific archipelago. Summit examines the ways in which this spirit of excellence is re-emerging in 21st century Hawaii. In technology, design, cuisine, business, politics, and education, seasoned and emerging leaders are aspiring to remake Hawaii as an island state with global aspirations.

Summit goes beyond the traditional Hawaii magazine, by presenting beautiful photography and eloquent prose in five sections:

Commons covers civic issues in Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region, with investigative reportage, profiles on civil society leaders, and briefings on key topics. This section builds on the work of The Independent.

Industry profiles new businesses, entrepreneurs, and the forces that animate the economy.

Originals taps the creative wellspring of the islands, with spotlights on artists in cuisine, music, design, and architecture. This section expands on the work of INHonolulu and The Hum, two of our partner publications.

Anuenue guides visitors and locals to a vibrant island lifestyle, with offerings on fashion, adventures, and hidden treasures to maximize the Hawaii experience.

Letters turns a microphone to literature, with serialized fiction, novel excerpts, short stories, and poetry.

Summit launches officially in May, with a cover price is $10 per issue. For a limited time, we’re offering a pre-sale price of $35 for an annual subscription (four issues). Your purchase supports Summit and all the creative individuals and publications that are part of our new media family, Orange Media.

We appreciate your support!