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Gallery: 2013 Opening Day GMO Rally

A movement is gathering to pin labels on GMO foods

More than a decade ago, the Capitol rotunda reverberated with the sound of beating hula pahu, leading to the defeat of Malama Solomon’s bill which would have required Hawaiian cultural practitioners to be registered.

On Wednesday, the rhythm of the ku‘i kalo was different, but there was a cadence of movement, as hundreds gathered in a convocation of various groups coming together to push for labeling of genetically modified foods.

A group of about 60 gathered early in the morning to march from the University of Hawaii to the Capitol. That group gathered people along the three-mile route, accumulating charter schools and the De-Occupy Honolulu contingent. By the time the marching group made it to Miller St, they were able to swell into the rotunda, in a gathering that some have speculated is in the top three of all rallies at the Capitol building.

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