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G20 detainees tell stories of arrests, imprisonment We’re growing Welcome to the Rotunda → Boston Globe: The oil spill, in photos → Al Jazeera: US seeks concerted action on inter-Korean conflict → NYT: BP to try method to stop leak → Furlough Fridays are finished → The HI scoops DOTAX story → Lingle calls for teachers to work unpaid on remaining three furlough days → Al Jazeera: Iran open to nuclear fuel swap → NYT: Republicans may introduce an alternative financial overhaul bill → London Telegraph: Facebook aims to socialize the web → Republicans are blocking debate on financial overhaul bill → “In my name, I promise HC&S will not go under like the 16 other sugar cane operations” → Coming soon to a café near you → Students, parents sit-in at Governor’s office to demand end to furloughs →
Parents and their children line the Governor's office with signs and sleeping bags as part of a sit-in organized by Save Our Schools to protest state furloughs on school days.
Pelosi condemns threats Ian Lind: Media exec tied to Central Pacific Bank Vandals attack Democratic offices Google exits China → Health care bill passes; US reactions, local analysis Israel launches new air strikes against Gaza Hulo! Maikai loa, e ka Honolulu Weekly → Live coverage of legislative hearing on sale of public lands → Symphony to offer free New Year’s concert →
JoAnn Falletta, conductor JoAnn Falletta, conductor
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The Hawaii High School Athletics Association
No grace note for Symphony → What is a radical? → Friday marks final Ong King gathering → Hotel manager Marc Resorts closes Kauai’s New Mass Notification System Up and Running (Honolulu Advertiser) West Oahu boards disagree over Hoopili development project Spurned by US, Karzai eyes Russia Continued clashes in the Mideast Bolivia supports new pro-indigenous constitution “Not business as usual” Fatah claims harrassment by Hamas “Ceded” lands issue arrives at legislature’s doorstep Russia resumes gas exports Recession hits Macy’s; Hawai’i Island store closing Happy new year! Hundreds gather to protest Gaza attacks U.S., UN, EU, and Russia call for Mideast truce In Bethlehem, glimmers of an economic revival Toyota posts first earnings loss in 70 years Germany considers accepting Guantanamo prisoners Huge tidal waves leave 400 homeless in Papua New Guinea Japan sliding into deeper recession Lingle: “The State fully owns the land it was given at Statehood” The Times: “Indian terror suspects linked to Mumbai plot” Hawai’i council overturns veto, upholds GMO ban Maori Party to play key role in new Aotearoa center-right government Kahana residents win a stay of eviction Constitutional convention rejected Kahana residents confront DLNR chair Thielen Kahana rallies forth the early morning Na maka o Kahana Ecuador votes for new constitution by large margin Lingle’s plan: 2 out of 5 points are mistakes How is the economic crisis affecting you? Congress bailout talks continue ‘Iolani Palace break-in leads to charges No shutter stops between art and science Telescope hearings begin October 6 Protest converges on Naue burial site Construction begins at Kaua’i native burial site Marshall Islands nuclear survivors speak Ceded lands deal ignites call for OHA audit House version of OHA bill: ‘Not a settlement’ Molokai Ranch extorts local paper for La’au anti-development coverage Army says Strykers to be based in Hawaii, Akaka is ‘pleased’ U.S. Marine accused of raping 14-year-old girl in Okinawa Prefecture Tsuji, Say still reticent on kalo moratorium hearing State House to vote Monday on bills to gut water code Ua hala ka wahine wiwo’ole a ke aloha aina, Tutu Peggy Ha’o-Ross