Q&A with Freddy P

1. What wave(s) are comparable to J-Bay, if any?
None, it’s one of a kind. It’s one of the best right hand waves in the world.

2. In 2 words, how cold is the water?
Pretty minor. (while the tour is there anyway—I’m sure it gets colder.)

3. What size board are you hoping to ride at J-Bay?
6’0 shorty, for speed and maneuverability.

4. What is the BEST thing about going to J-Bay/South Africa?
J-Bay, if your able to score it good you’ll have the best session of your life.

5. What is the WORST thing about going to J-Bay/South Africa?
The flight, 16 hours straight from Atlanta to Johannesburg. 

6. What is the best website in the world?
Behind the waves (www.behindthewaves.com)

7. What time do you usually wake up to practice during the J-Bay Contest?

8. How many days before the contest do you go to practice?
3 to 5 days early depending on flight availability.

9. Is J-Bay fun on your backhand?
It’s fun when you’re out there free surfing. Competing on your backhand at J-Bay isn’t as fun.

10. Who/What do you NEED to travel with while going to J-Bay?
Sleeping pills, strong ones. The flight is brutal.