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Energy hearings begin today

The first meeting begins this evening, 5:00 pm, at McKinley High School. Read More »

Photos from PLDC Administrative Rules Hearing, Honolulu

More than a hundred people showed up at the Kalanimoku building last night to address the Public Land Development Corporation. The official agenda was their administrative rules, but most speakers called the corporation itself into question. Our full report is coming later today, so in the meantime here's some photos.

“For all intents and purposes, construction of the project has been halted”

Last week's decision in the iwi lawsuit has stopped construction on rail, according to the plaintiff's attorney. Read More »

How LA students closed the lid on styrofoam in their schools →

As part of a class project, students in a Silver Lake, Los Angeles middle school counted 1,500 styrofoam containers used in a single day.

The amount of Styrofoam being used was so shocking to the students that they began writing letters to the district leadership and school board members asking that Styrofoam be banned across the 900 schools in the district, and they got their parents and local community members involved.
They built a Styrofoam monster. More at Good.is » Read More »

Reporter goes independent to ‘decode DC’ →

Andrea Seabrook left NPR in July out of frustration for being "lied to every day, all day," while covering Congress. "There is so little genuine discussion going on with the reporters. … To me, as a reporter, everything is spin," she told Politico. Seabrook has created her own blog and podcast to “decipher Washington’s Byzantine language and procedure, sweeping away what doesn’t matter so listeners can focus on what does." I'm looking forward to it. More at Politico »

By Sunday morning, Honolulu may or may not have a mayor. →

Civil Beat is reporting that Cayetano may have 55% of the Honolulu electoral set to send him to Honolulu Hale. It's pretty amazing that the former Governor's numbers are this good, given the institutional backing of the pro-rail camps (and his track record as governor). More at Civil Beat »

PLDC begins to show its agenda

Many have wondered what the Public Lands Development Corporation intends to do with state lands. More information is now becoming available. Read More »

Public Lands Development Corporation to meet today

On the agenda: administrative rules.

Murdock will retain wind development rights →

Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, reporting for the Associated Press:

Those opposed to the project think it'll ruin pristine views of the Pacific Ocean and other Hawaiian islands.
There's more than "pristine views" at stake. The wind project raises fundamental questions about the relationship between urban and rural areas, and who should derive benefit from the use of rural resources. More at HawaiiNewsNow/AP »

Lana‘i for Lana‘i

An essay calling for local ownership of Lana‘i-kaula. Read More »

Woken up by sirens? It was an electrical malfunction (updated)

UPDATED 8:55 AM Hawaii State Department of Defense, Civil Defense Division:

Honolulu-The siren malfunction at 5:25 a.m. this morning, June 14, 2012, was related to an improvement project to modernize the State’s Outdoor Siren Warning System. The project outfitted eight Oahu sirens with modems that allow for remote satellite activation. The contractor involved with the project inadvertently activated sirens at Diamond Head, Kamiloiki, Makiki, McCully, Moanalua Valley, and Waimanalo. Protocols are being developed to prevent a recurrence. “We apologize for any anxiety this early morning sounding caused for area residents,” said Doug Mayne, Vice Director of Civil Defense.
Read More »

Live-tweets from Ho‘opili vote

The state land use commission approved D.R. Horton's Ho‘opili project this afternoon. Read More »

Fire blazes in Kalāheo hills


Honolulu Star-Advertiser: The fire was mostly contained by about 10 p.m. but firefighters kept watch from the Kaneohe side through the night, monitoring for hot spots. The fire came within 25 to 50 yards of Kalaheo Hillside homes, as well as the Kalaheo High campus on Tuesday afternoon. No one was evacuated, but police warned residents to pack up and be prepared to leave.
Read More »

Photo by Instagram user Katie <3
Press Release: “Native Hawaiians Endorse Bob Marx for Congress” Kea‘au residents call for more time (Updated)

"A lot of us don't have any vehicles at all to help us to get moving. The beach is pretty much all everyone knows. It has been our only home we know for a long, long time. It would be so greatly appreciated if we could have more time," Gayle Peeples wrote. According to her letter, Peeples has lived at Kea‘au for 15 years, along with her husband, daughter, son, son-in-law, and five grandchildren.
Read More »

Jimmy Rapoza, Vietnam veteran and former State of Hawaii employee, doesn't plan to leave tonight.
Photo by Ed Greevy
Chinatown business owners, neighbors, meet with police to discuss area’s drug problem
Corporal Fikani listens to concerns from Chinatown businesspersons and neighbors
Remembering two Martins

Two Martins – Trayvon Martin, killed February in Florida, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., killed 44 years ago today – were remembered in a candlelight vigil organized by the Honolulu chapter of the NAACP. Read More »

Dr. Debra Butler addresses the crowd at Kakaako this evening
St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Hundreds came to the streets of Waikiki to celebrate Hawaii's Irish heritage Saturday.

Kauai county council considers halting Koloa evictions →

Councilwoman JoAnne Yukimura, via TheGardenIsland.com:

“The resolution is mainly a request for a sincere effort (by Grove Farm) to find a solution. We are simply asking them to sit down and find alternatives. It’s a lot of work, but it shows a willingness to find a pono resolution."
More at TheGardenIsland.com » Read More »

Koloa residents and supporters at a meeting with Senator Clayton Hee last week
Courtesy Photo
Kimo Campbell 1947-2012

Honoring James Kimo Campbell, progressive philanthropist and early shareholder in the Hawaii Independent, who passed away on February 16. Read More »

Caldwell: “Carlisle has demonstrated a total disregard for the public”
Caldwell responds to reporters following Honolulu Mayor Carlisle's 2012 State of the City Address
Kalaupapa exhibit coming to Oahu next week → Thousands take to streets for Great Aloha Run
Photo by Pamela Pilika
Kawaiahao iwi protest

HONOLULU – Campaigners gathered in front of the historic Kawaiaha‘o church to protest the disinternment of graves to build a multipurpose church building.

The parable of the domain names Big Island principal abruptly leaves; community organizes to bring him back
John Colson and students
Photo courtesy of Waimea Middle School
City launches smartphone reporting system Hirono: Seeking “balance” on SOPA Legislators: What issues will you be working on this session?
Photo from Wikipedia
Happy new year! How are you celebrating the New Year? CityCamp considers civic computing
Nicole Hori works on a prototype bus information app.
Photo by Ikaika Hussey.
Vandalism at Makiki Park cancels Makiki Mele Kalikimaka Ho‘opili hearings continue today at Land Use Commission Occupy Honolulu encampment begins tonight Calling all film fans: share a quick HIFF film review! 65-year aquaculture leases: Food & Water Watch questions Abercrombie’s sudden support 65-year aquaculture leases: Food & Water Watch questions Abercrombie’s sudden support
A Kona Blue aquaculture operation located off Hawaii Island. The United States imports almost 70 percent of its seafood, 40 percent of which is farmed. Photo by NOAA
Thoughts on the Kamehameha Schools trustee selection process Hannemann for the House?
Courtesty Photo
Public Land Development Corporation to meet Monday following sunshine non-compliance
The Kalanimoku Building is the headquarters of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources. Photo from Aloha From Hawaii
Aquaculture bill: Abercrombie had it right the first time
Moi raised on Hawaii aquaculture farms. Photo by NOAA
LRG clothing entrepreneur dead Your vision for a better food system: What we’re hearing from you
A chicken katsu plate lunch from Puka Plate Lunch in Kalihi. Photo from From A To Zeny
The search for Hawaii’s #caffeineHI

Where do you go for your caffeine fix? Read More »

Ed Case declares senate candidacy →

Ed Case is the first candidate to officially declare for Senator Akaka's seat. More at edcase.com »

Land and Development for Ko‘olaupoko: Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future That was quick: Judge dismissed rail lawsuit → Why I support the Blood Bank Thieves steal thousands of dollars of equipment from lo‘i restoration project
Kailua Canoe Club youth work at the lo‘i. Courtesy Photo
Faleomavaega: U.S. should take lead in promoting human rights on Rapa Nui → Damage reports from throughout Hawaii What’s open, what’s closed Severe tsunami damage, at least one fatality in N. California town Some Maui roads reopen Honolulu, Kauai given ‘all clear’ Update: Warning reduced to advisory; Not ‘all clear’ yet Images from the tsunami Damaging waves hit Kailua-Kona, Civil Defense reports Something to keep an eye on: trouble for a Japanese nuclear reactor UPDATED: Midway records 8 foot wave Lana‘i update No Molokai road closures Maui road closures Medical facilities: open and closed Cars line up at Ahuimanu
Photo by Dallas Nagata
Update: Better sources for tsunami evacuation info Electricity mostly restored ‘World of difference’ Read Aloud America facing cuts → “Please don’t build your telescope on Mauna Kea, Mr. Moore” Volunteers will tackle library vandalism this weekend A Hannemann comeback? → Oahu flash flood warning cancelled → “This bill represents equal rights for Hawaii, for everyone who comes here”
Abercrombie signs civil unions bill
Photo by Ed Morita
Makiki library vandalized Sunday (Updated)
Photo by MCL
Should the land board approve the construction of the Thirty-Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea? 20% more aloha at this morning’s run → Retirees protest retirement cuts, taxes at town hall meeting → Gingrich is in town → Ian Lind: Tax proposals, yes and no → Is Algeria next?
Photo by @EyesOnAlgeria
Breaking: State website down Congratulations Gary State House to hold briefing on domestic violence this morning Foundation finds that Hawaii has 5th lowest sales tax Green Bay wins; Groupon loses Ready for the big game? Help wanted: poll the legislators

We're assembling a team to help us poll lawmakers on major state issues, such as civil unions and the budget. Would you like to help? Read More »

Rapanui: Susana Hitorangi, wife of injured journalist Santi Hitorangi, speaks out
Photos from the aftermath of the police assault on the Rapanui civilians can be seen here.
Chilean police shoot and injure Rapa Nui native rights campaigners
Maori Tepano, shot today in Rapa Nui
Submit questions for The Hawaii Independent’s public forum for West Oahu City Council candidates

Candidates to address public questions on December 13 Read More »

For Discussion: Abercrombie picks cabinet posts—a new day indeed?
Governor-elect Neil Abercrombie speaks at the FACE Accountability Assembly in June.
Welcome Don Gordon to our community blogs Department of Defense accepting openly gay applicants Livestream at We Value Hawaii September 3rd: First Friday Comment: Let’s see who else is on the Chief Justice list
On July 22, Governor Lingle nominated Katherine G. Leonard as Chief Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court.
‘Guardrails’: Beach eviction leaves behind evidence of our struggling society
Ken, a houseless evictee, was one of the residents at "Guardrails" who had to leave behind much of his belongings when July 19 came. "People get the wrong idea about people living on the beach," Ken said. "I worked all my life. I made $180,000. I had two homes, everything else. Sometimes things just go bad. And when they do, you fall."
Help us cover the campaigns! Local 5 endorses Hooser for lieutenant governor Following beach eviction, Waianae man commits suicide
Above, a tattered American flag left behind by a camper at "Guardrails" beach drapes from a tree. Below, the belongings of a "Guardrails" beach resident were lit on fire to protest evictions by the City today. The remnants of Waianae's "tent city" were carted off in caravans of vehicles.