Makiki library vandalized Sunday (Updated)

Ikaika M Hussey

The interior of the Makiki Community Library was vandalized on Sunday. Vandals broke in through the basement, and used four extinguishers on both levels. We’ll add more info as it’s available.


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Here we go again. The Makiki Community Library has suffered another setback today due to a break-in by vandals over the weekend. This morning, volunteers found the Library interior unsettled by intruders whom defaced fixtures and floors throughout the library. Scheduled computer classes were canceled due to the break-in and this weeks normal hours of operations will be reduced for clean-up. This is following a break-in on New Years Eve resulting in damages to the lobby entrance and a basement flooding in December from heavy rains. If you have any information or observations regarding Sunday or Monday morning behavior at Makiki Distrit park, please contact the Police or the library at 522-7076. The Makiki Community Library is a volunteer-run library that depends on donations and good will of the community. To help please contact the library at (aloha [at]