Caldwell: “Carlisle has demonstrated a total disregard for the public”

Ikaika M Hussey

Kirk Caldwell, a candidate for Honolulu mayor, released this statement today in response to Mayor Carlisle’s State of the City address:

We’ve all heard the typical politician speech before, and this morning a career politician gave just that. Mayor Carlisle talked about his record of being honest, transparent and fiscally responsible. But the truth is, he is none of these. An honest and transparent Mayor wouldn’t hide the fact that he suspended the city debt guidelines, as was reported today. Peter Carlisle has demonstrated a total disregard for the public, and when I say public, I mean you, your family and your friends.  It’s simply unacceptable behavior and Peter owes all of us an apology. This is just the latest example of Mayor Carlisle’s lack of transparency and his failed leadership that is moving the rail project backwards.

Mayor Carlisle is also failing to listen to the people. These are crucial things a good Mayor must do and he is not. As Mayor, I will work harder to be completely transparent and honest, and I will ALWAYS make time to listen to the people. That’s why I’m out in the community meeting with folks everyday, to listen to their thoughts and ideas for the future of our city.

A video of Caldwell’s response to reporters is available here.