How LA students closed the lid on styrofoam in their schools

As part of a class project, students in a Silver Lake, Los Angeles middle school counted 1,500 styrofoam containers used in a single day.

The amount of Styrofoam being used was so shocking to the students that they began writing letters to the district leadership and school board members asking that Styrofoam be banned across the 900 schools in the district, and they got their parents and local community members involved.
They built a Styrofoam monster.

Ikaika M Hussey

Styrofoam in Hawaii

A 2009 effort to ban styrofoam on Maui failed due to cost concerns. Last year, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences added styrene (found in styrofoam) to their list of carcinogens. Earlier this year, large amounts of styrofoam were cleaned up at Kalaeloa beach.

Legislator Joe Souki, speaking for the American Chemistry Council, said during the 2009 Maui county council discussion on a styrofoam ban that “Simply banning polystyrene will not reduce litter. It just changes the type of litter.”

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