Severe tsunami damage, at least one fatality in N. California town

Ikaika M Hussey

From the Associated Press in Crescent City, CA, (20 miles south of Oregon):

CRESCENT CITY, CA (AP) - Officials say the tsunami triggered by the massive earthquake in Japan has killed one person, swept three others out to sea and caused severe damage to the harbor in Crescent City, near the Oregon border.

ABC affiliate KDRV confirmed the waves pulled the four out to sea late Friday morning. Two of the other people were found alive and one was still unaccounted for.

Del Norte County sheriff’s spokesman Bill Stevens said most boats were pulled out of the harbor in preparation for Friday’s tsunami, but 35 vessels that remained are crashing into one another and sinking.

The wooden docks also were breaking apart under the force of the waves.

Crescent City Councilwoman Kelly Schellong said the docks and harbor “are pretty much completely destroyed.”

Stevens said the damage cost was estimated to be into the millions, and surges still are expected through the afternoon.

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