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Kamahana Kealoha raises his hand to ask a question at a federal recognition hearing at the state capitol, Monday.

How much federal money goes towards Native Hawaiian programs?

About $34.9 million per year, according to our preliminary analysis.

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Ikaika M Hussey

We’re compiling a list of federally-funded Native Hawaiian programs, and we’d like your help.

Our method is to go through federal grants databases, public statements from Hawaii’s Congressional delegation, and news sources. We’re adding these items to a Google spreadsheet, here (and embedded below).

The Hawaii Independent has also reached out Congressional and state government staffers for their assistance in identifying holes in our research.

Why is this information useful?

A recurring theme over the last 14 years of federal recognition debate is the importance of maintaining federally-funded programs. We thought it would be useful to find out exactly what those are.

Are we missing something in the list? Email us, tweet us, message us on Facebook, or leave a comment below. This post will be updated as more information is available.