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Comment: Hawaii voters have to understand what comes with an Abercrombie economy
Republicans criticize Neil Abercrombie embracing big government and leading Hawaii down a road of socialist measures.
State Senate District 19 candidate Aaron Toa Bonar talks about his decision to run
Candidate Aaron Toa Bonar and family.
Mililani forum wrap up: Candidates talk ag lands, House Bill 444, and GET
Moderator Dan Boylen puts forward questions to State Sen. Colleen Hanabusa, above, and Beth Fukumoto, below.
Comment: Rida Cabanilla Arakawa election mailer criticized for not following rules
A mailer sent out by incumbent Rep. Rida Cabanilla Arakawa shows a photo of her in military uniform, with no disclaimer.
Verbatim: Wharton wishes Willoughby success in 2010 General Election Blog: Why vote in the primary?
A true-color satellite view of Hawaii .
Senate District 20 candidate Tito Montes talks efficiency and fiscal responsibility
Tito Montes listens to supporters at his campaign kickoff fundraiser.
Verbatim: Ed Case makes late appeal for Carlisle Comment: Obama is the establishment
The crowd cheers as President Barack Obama addresses the Milwaukee Laborfest at Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 6.
John Willoughby: ‘I will never betray my personal values or principles for political favor’

Conservative Republican candidate responds to 'Elephant in the Room' column Read More »

Above: Congressional District 2 candidate John Willoughby, right, at a Honolulu Tea Party rally at the State Capitol. Below: The Willoughby family.
Blog: Overrated USC shows holes in its defense, underrated Hawaii has potential
The University of Hawaii Warrior football team hung tough with nationally ranked USC before the 14th-ranked Trojans ultimately pulled away, 49-36, Thursday night at Aloha Stadium in the season opener for both teams.
Comment: Chastising moderates within the Republican Party driving away independents
Adam Bouska’s NO H8 campaign in support of gay marriage featured Meghan McCain, daughter of former Republican presidential candidate John McCain.
Blog: President’s economic plan offers no real incentives to small businesses Comment: Help wanted! The world needs skilled labor

Education is the key Read More »

Six-year-olds Pia, Paulina and Markus (left to right) pose on their first day at the Marienfelde Klepert elementary school in Berlin on August 25, 2003.
Comment: Political parties are overplaying their hands

The 'UltraCon' underground may be hurting Republican chances in the midterms Read More »

Comment: Hawaii’s one-party domination isn’t cutting it Panos Prevedouros: ‘A civil engineer is the perfect professional for the job’
Panos Prevedouros, center, at a talk story session in June.
Republican Beth Fukumoto tries to find a middle ground with Hawaii voters
Above: State House District 37 candidate Beth Fukumoto, right, speaks with supporters over chilli and rice at her campaign kickoff on August 8. Below: Fukumoto, left, at the Armed Services-YMCA Waipio Carnival in July.
Comment: The 14th Amendment must be protected
U.S. circuit judges Robert A. Katzmann and Damon J. Keith and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor at a 2004 exhibit on the Fourteenth Amendment.
Comment: On the precipice of a double dip recession Comment: Youth and newfound energy cross paths in Hawaii’s Republican party