Comment: Help wanted! The world needs skilled labor

Education is the key

Steve Jackson

Elephant in the Room
with Steve Jackson

HONOLULU—The future is now in Germany. Deutsche Welle reports that the German government is looking at ways to attract immigrants with skilled labor. Many countries are looking at the same problems; there is simply not enough skill to go around.

Labor resource researchers have been predicting a labor shortage as the world ages and developing countries struggle to educate their labor supply. As the labor force ages, the world’s skilled labor pool will begin to dwindle. Nations like Germany, China, and India are ramping up their education programs to assist in the problem.

Recently, Germany and some members of the Eurozone reported strong GDP growth for the past two quarters. Germany is one of the more able exporters in Europe, and although much of their growth may be inflated because of increased consumption in a slowing Chinese economy, the reports indicate that they may climb out of the recession. The German government has begun to claim that scenario as the case and is seeking immigrants to stabilize the ageing labor force. They feel that unemployment has ceased to be the major concern to their economy. They now claim an ageing labor force and shortage of skilled workers is the greater threat to economic security.

In Hawaii, the labor force is expected to see larger increases in skilled jobs than in jobs requiring no education or skills training. There are jobs out there, there are areas to go to and stability is possible, but it will require sacrifice.

The global economy will require a flexible labor force to adapt to the changing economic structures and travel to countries in need of what America can offer: a highly educated, flexible, creative work force.

Most of America and the world will be facing the same problem, so get your degrees, learn trades, and make yourselves marketable ... I’ve got a feeling there will be a lot of money and job security for people that do.