Pride at Work strives for equality at Hawai’i workplaces

Travis Quezon

Pride at Work Hawai'i, an organization dedicated to helping LGBT workers and their supporters in the islands, will be holding a membership meeting and pa'ina at 5:30pm on Friday, 9/26 at Chiko's Tavern.

The group seeks to establish full equality of all workers, including greater openness and dignity, and opposes all forms of discrimination on the job based on sex, gender, race, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, religion, political views, weight, and height.

On the meeting's agenda are plans for a membership drive, a discussion of the Hawai'i Government Employees Association's resolution in support of civil unions, and an update on efforts to get domestic partnership health coverage for hotel workers.

Special guests from the Family Equality Coalition and Kulia Na Mamo will also be on hand to discuss marriage equality and transgender rights.