My Two Moms

13-year old Shylar is the daughter of Tambry and Suzanne Young, lead plaintiffs in the Young v. Lingle lawsuit for equal rights for LGBT families filed in 2010. This article began as a school assignment, and became her testimony at the October 28 hearing on marriage equality before the State Senate Judiciary Committee.

Shylar Young

I have two moms that love each other very much.

They have been in politics since before I was 9 years old and to this day they are still fighting for what’s right. Throughout these years I have been listening and I have heard some terrible things people say about lesbian and gay couples. It made me as mad as a mommy hippo protecting her baby from lions. They say that we will go to hell because it is in the Bible. They say that gays are a disgrace and that gays should never be able to get married. But why?

Many years ago, President Abraham Lincoln believed that all men and women shall be treated equally. It is like how the black slaves fought for their rights, and now we the gay families are fighting for our rights. But many people think that our family should not have equal rights as other families. Why do they refuse to treat us as equals? It will not harm them in any way. The Bible says that God created every man, woman, and child perfect. So that means that gay people were created perfect too.

The haters say that two people of the same sex cannot produce a child, yet here I am. I was not adopted, I never had a father. No, my moms had me the legit way. So all the haters cannot say that children cannot be born of two women, because if you don’t believe that a child can be born of two women then you better come down to my house and look at me. The haters say that children raised by two women or two men will turn out strange and weird, yet I am not strange.

I am just a kid; I am a good kid and a good student. I play on my Xbox, I ride a skateboard, I play with my dogs. I am just like any other normal teenager. You don’t see gay kids beating up other kids? No, you see straight peoples’ kids bullying other kids.

What’s wrong with being gay? Love is love – you can’t put a limit on love! It’s not right for people to think that they can choose who we love and who we can’t. For the people that think that they can control our rights, please tell me why. Why do you think you are better than us? There are a lot of meaner straight guys than gay guys. And being gay is not hurting the guys, it’s just giving them more available girls in the world to go out and date. I don’t see what’s wrong about same sex marriage.
Going to hell after you die is not based on what sex you love. It is based on if you were bad in your life. I find it mean and cruel that people think that we will go to hell based on who we love. They just don’t understand us. So just think about it haters. You haters are going to hate, and us fighters are going to fight, fight for what’s right. My family is a fire. Some flames may give up when the rain comes to put it out. But the true heat in the coals will never die.