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Attorney General David Louie was the second testifier in the senate hearings on SB1.

Special Session week two agenda

Special Session rolls into week two. What's left on the agenda?

Will Caron

The House JUD/FIN committees have reconvened their joint hearing, starting at 11am at testifier 4,600.

Richard Fale’s resolutions on children in poverty have been referred to JUD/FIN.

The Governor’s bills on appropriations for health care on Kauai and relating to collective bargaining are also waiting to be heard.

Other bills:

HB7, introduced by democratic representatives McKelvey, Carroll, Evans and Kawakami, would eliminate the need for solemnization for marriage as well as indemnify anyone either agreeing or refusing to marry a same-sex couple. Currently in referral.

HB11, introduced by representatives Ward, Fale, Fukumoto and McDermott, would let kids skip sex-ed class if it has to do with homosexuality, and if that goes against their beliefs. Also in referral.

HB12, introduced by Ward, Fale, Fukumoto and McDermott, would let “certain people,” such as cake-makers, wedding photographers etc., not cater to gays if homosexuality is against their beliefs. Also in referral.

Gubernatorial nominations: Out of the 37 gubernatorial nominations, 32 were confirmed (with no nay votes or reservations), 2 were withdrawn (Genevieve Salmonson’s and Shawn Smith’s from the Board of Land & Natural Resources) and 3 have yet to be voted on, but were recommended as ayes by the committees that reviewed them.