Kim campaign tactic erodes trust in voting process

The League of Women Voters has criticized a Kim campaign tactic urging her supporters to take a picture of their ballot and post to social media.

Will Caron

The League of Women Voters has sent out a press release criticizing Donna Mercado Kim’s campaign for urging pro-Kim voters to take a picture of their ballot after voting and to post that photo to Facebook and other social media platforms.

The League of Women Voters has learned that email sent from Donna Mercado Kim’s campaign headquarters urged voters to take a photograph of their ballot to show they voted for her and share it on social media. Why “take a photo and upload it on Facebook and Twitter”?

Sure, it’s pretty exciting to follow everything your friends are doing, but just a reminder that sharing your vote this way means your employer or union could see it, for example. We hope all voters realize this and do not feel intimidated by receiving a “push” to their email address urging them to disclose their vote.

The League doesn’t like this campaign gimmick because it erodes trust in the absentee voting process, which is already very popular in Hawaii. Why risk disenfranchising those considering voting by mail with fears of losing the confidentiality of their vote?

We remind voters that disclosure of how you voted is always voluntary. Instructions for correctly handling an official absentee ballot together with the Secret Ballot Envelope are provided by the State Office of Elections only. We urge voters to follow these instructions.

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