Elections 2014


2013 isn’t half over yet, but the 2014 campaign season is shaping up.

Senate fails to pass campaign spending reform amendment

Senate Republicans unanimously voted against a proposed constitutional amendment today that would, among other things, repeal Citizens United. Read More »

Will Caron
Hawai‘i County declared Ag disaster zone

In the wake of Iselle, Hawai‘i County's agriculture industry was adversely impacted to the point that the USDA declared the island a major disaster zone today. Read More »

Will Caron
Cavasso blasts Schatz on FEMA relief

Cam Cavasso will be running against Schatz in the general election this November, and has taken FEMA's rejection of a disaster declaration request for the Big Island as a failure on the democratic Senator's part. Read More »

Will Caron
ACLU lawsuit rejected

State Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit filed on behalf of Pahoa residents over primary election. Read More »

Will Caron
Big Island Election Challenged in Hawai‘i Supreme Court

The ACLU and a group of Pahoa residents have filed lawsuit over alleged voting rights violations that came as a result of bad legislative practices in the wake of Hurricane Iselle. Read More »

Will Caron
Ruderman concerned with voting situation in Puna District

Hurricane Iselle hit Puna District the hardest and prevented many residents there from voting last weekend. While Puna residents will be allowed to vote tomorrow, their senator, Russell Ruderman, is concerned that many will still be unable to make it to polling sites. Read More »

Russell Ruderman
OHA candidate guide

Our analysis of the candidates for OHA appearing in the primary election ballot, based on their responses to a questionnaire created by Ka Wai Ola. Read More »

Will Caron
When voting for Governor, one vote is worth a thousand people
Ikaika M Hussey
When voting, think about the coalitions
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Ikaika M Hussey
Inouye’s inheritance

This election cycle offers voters a choice between a return to old guard Democratic party dominance or a further diversification of Hawaiʻi's political scene. Read More »

Jon Osorio
Hawaii needs affordable rentals now

Gubernatorial candidate James "Duke" Aiona shares his plan for solving Hawaii's affordable rental housing problem with the Hawaii Independent. Read More »

Duke Aiona
Kim campaign tactic erodes trust in voting process

The League of Women Voters has criticized a Kim campaign tactic urging her supporters to take a picture of their ballot and post to social media. Read More »

Will Caron
Iwasa receives key endorsements

Star-Advertiser, Sierra Club endorse City Council candidate Natalie Iwasa (District 4, East Oahu). Read More »

Will Caron
A speed date to remember

Progressive Democrats of Hawaii and Americans for Democratic Action, Hawaii will hold a speed dating forum with democratic candidates running in the first congressional district primary election. Read More »

Will Caron
Hanabusa prioritizes military money

Colleen Hanabusa's introduction of a bill that would expand the Pohakuloa training area ignores Native Hawaiian, environmental, civilian concerns in favor of an Imitate Inouye policy. Read More »

Will Caron
The Hana-bus has left the station

Colleen Hanabusa says she cares a lot about the working poor in Hawaii, but apparently not enough to read either of the minimum wage bills working their way through the state legislature right now. Read More »

Will Caron
Help us frame the 2014 elections

What do you want the candidates to be discussing as they compete for votes in the 2014 election? Read More »

Schatz gets HGEA

The 2014 race for Inouye's senate seat is on, and Schatz is winning. Read More »

Abercrombie officially launches re-election campaign