Hanabusa calls for ‘cautious, pragmatic’ response

Ikaika M Hussey

Congresswoman Hanabusa’s office released the following statement on Monday.

I condemn the use of chemical weapons and look forward to a safe and thorough United Nations investigation at the site of the alleged attacks, along with a full report to the international community. The world has a moral obligation to pursue an appropriate response to any use of these inhumane and illegal weapons. There is no place in any conflict for chemical warfare.

However, the United States must remain cautious and pragmatic in our response.  Faulty intelligence on WMDs drew us into a bloody struggle in Iraq. The last decade of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrated what comes of war waged with poor planning. We cannot haphazardly enter another conflict with a sovereign nation. Questions still remain about the identity and intentions of the Syrian opposition to the Assad regime, and I believe we need clear answers before moving forward.  It is my hope that President Obama will consult with Congress and other key stakeholders before taking action in Syria.

Hanabusa hasn’t signed on to one of the publicly-circulating open letters from Congressional members.