Syrian crisis

Roadside mural of bashar al assad along the damascus-aleppo highway
Schatz, colleagues urge no train-and-equip for Syrian opposition forces
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The U.S. has trained and equipped militant groups in the past in the hopes they would help defeat our enemies, only to have the strategy backfire tragically. Read More »

Candles for Syria
Ikaika M Hussey
Ikaika Anderson on Syria: “We need to focus inwards”
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Hanabusa calls for ‘cautious, pragmatic’ response
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Ikaika M Hussey
“This is an outrage” →

Via NextDraft: "This comic from The Oatmeal gets at an interesting aspect of the debate on Syria. In some ways, it seems like a government can freely kill tens of thousands people as long as the method they use doesn't cross a red line." More at The Oatmeal »

Inside a camp for Syrian refugees →

David Remnick on the difficulty of escaping the Syrian crisis. More at The New Yorker »

U.S. military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria →

Concerns include a protracted war, the weakening of US position if Syria uses chemical weapons again, and retaliatory attacks by Hezbollah. More at Washington Post »

The Congressional take on Syria

Syria is causing the U.N. Security Council members a diplomatic headache. In the U.S., it's causing a different debate about Congress's role in determining when the Commander-in-Chief can authorize military force. Read More »

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