Ka'iulani Milham

What really happened at the ʻAha, part V

The purpose of the ʻAha is fulfilled and a federal recognition-friendly constitution is adopted, but the call for true self-determination still grows louder. Read More »

What really happened at the ʻAha, part IV

The international committee struggles to have its alternative documents to the federal-recognition constitution put before the participants for consideration. Read More »

What really happened at the ʻAha, part III

Impediments to carrying out the people’s business continue throughout the final days of the convention. Read More »

What really happened at the ʻAha, part II

Whitewashed press releases, a sinister state bill and a flippant disregard for the rules of the convention Read More »

What really happened at the Aha, part I

A look at what went on behind the closed gates of the Royal Hawaiian Golf Course last month. Read More »

The ongoing struggle for civil rights in Hawaii

The casual racism and the more ominous state-sponsored oppression that the TMT episode has brought to the surface are reminders that, like oppressed people throughout America and the world, Hawaiians are still fighting for civil liberties and equality under the law. Read More »

Kuleana and Lanakila Mangauil

The third part of our profile on the Mauna Kea movement leader examines Mangauil’s interpretation of his duty to protect the land, his people's culture and their right to self-determination. Read More »

Lanakila Mangauil and the foundation for kapu aloha

Part two of our profile on Joshua Lanakila Mangauil examines the origins of the kapu aloha, a Hawaiian philosophy of non-violence and respect that the Mauna Kea defenders are using to deflect development advances on the sacred mountain. Read More »

How Lanakila Mangauil came to Mauna Kea

The first installment of a three-part profile of Joshua Lanakila Mangauil, based on interviews conducted over several weeks. Read More »