Indigenous issues


This collection is about the issues facing indigenous peoples, such as preserving their culture, traditions and way of life, in today’s global world.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe statement on USACE denial of DAPL easement
  • Verbatim
Disney craps a cute grass skirt
  • Essay

Unpacking insidious colonial power and indigenous enabling in Disney’s "Moana" Read More »

Vicente Diaz
  • Essay

How #luckywelivehawaii & #lethawaiihappen are helping to entrench colonialism in Hawaiʻi. Read More »

Tyler Greenhill
An open letter to the brave members of the Kamehameha Schools class of 2016
  • Opinion

The decision by certain graduating Kamehameha seniors to remain seated during the "Star-Spangled Banner" should be celebrated as an act of independent thought deserving of praise, not condemnation. Read More »

Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua
A kiaʻi kai movement
  • Opinion

Ocean guardianship, cultural seascape protection and the expansion of Papahānaumokuākea Read More »

Kekuewa Kikiloi
A new EAducation
  • Interview

An interview with the young immersion-educated Hawaiian scholar who started Mauna Media to document, first-hand, the nearly year-long TMT blockade. Read More »

Karin Louise Hermes
I am a colonial settler
  • Essay

On the awareness and responsibilities required of settling in Hawaiʻi. Read More »

Tyler Greenhill
Familiar messages, hopes at legislative opening day
  • News Report

“People Over Profits” message unites broad progressive coalition; hundreds converge on Hawai‘i’s Capitol Read More »

Aha may fail to give Hawaiians true self-determination
  • Feature

As OHA and Na‘i Aupuni push forward toward the election of delegates to a Hawaiian government convention, the U.S. government is paving the way for Hawaiians to become federally recognized as a tribe. Read More »

Will Caron
What oppresses Native Hawaiians oppresses us all
  • Essay

In recognizing that neoliberalism oppresses us all, and connecting the ways in which it does, we can learn to break free of its destructive hold over our society, both here in Hawaii, and globally as well. Read More »

Tyler Greenhill
Canada’s indigenous schools policy was ‘cultural genocide’, says report →
  • Link
OHA pushes forward with Nai Aupuni despite concerns
  • News Report

Despite vocal opposition and community concerns raised at OHA board meetings in late April, 2015, the board has decided to go forward with a nation building process spearheaded by a new organization: Na‘i Aupuni. Read More »

Will Caron
Science, time, and Mauna a Wākea: part two
  • Essay

How science and time are each used as tools to promote Western notions of progress like the TMT, while suppressing indigenous viewpoints and concealing a history of capitalist-colonialist violence. Read More »

David Maile
Science, time and Mauna a Wākea: the Thirty-Meter Telescope’s capitalist-colonialist violence
  • Essay

The ‪TMT‬ is, in fact, a part of a legacy of colonial-capitalist violence committed against Hawaii and Hawaiians, regardless of its scientific merit. Read More »

David Maile
A non-indigenous defense of Mauna Kea
  • Opinion

We've heard from multiple members of the lāhui about the importance of stopping the TMT project, but here's why non-Hawaiians should be invested in the Mauna Kea struggle too. Read More »

Khara Jabola-Carolus
Hawaiian rights scrutinized, not considered, during TMT contested case
  • Discussion

A response to Ian Lind's Civil Beat column, "Dangerous Intersection of Social Policy and the ‘Sacred.’" Read More »

Bianca Isaki
Sovereignty pains
  • Feature

The journey toward self-determination for Native Hawaiians does not come without its own form of growing pains. Read More »

Will Caron
Mauna Kea and the awakening of the lahui
  • Feature

Multiple generations of campaigners are rallying around Mauna Kea as a symbol for the larger issues of self-determination and Aloha ʻĀina in what is becoming one of, if not the, largest mobilizations of Hawaiian activism in decades. Read More »

Will Caron
Not science, but privilege vs. culture
  • Opinion
Adam Keawe Manalo-Camp
Hawaiians do not oppose science
  • Opinion

An op-ed by the Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau Trustee for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Read More »

Dan Ahuna
The Red Nation: Border Town Justice Campaign

The campaign to end institutional violence against Native peoples heads to Gallup, New Mexico; much (if not all) of what is said applies to Hawaii as well. Read More »

“Continue to be Steadfast in Your Love for the Land” (E Ho‘omalu i ke kūpa‘a no ka ‘Āina)
  • Opinion

A response to Bronson Kaahui's Op-Ed, Civil Beat, April 9, 2015 Read More »

kuualoha hoomanawanui
Building an indigenous coalition for radical resistance to colonialism
  • Interview

We talk with Kanaka Maoli David Maile about indigenous coalition The Red Nation's efforts to unite different native people in radical resistance to colonialism, and how Native Hawaiians can stand in solidarity with other native peoples. Read More »

Will Caron
Community members allege desecration at North Shore heiau
  • News Report

Community members on the north shore led by anthropologist Malia Evans are claiming that a Waimea area land owner has damaged an ancient Hawaiian fishing heiau by stacking boulders up against it. Read More »

Will Caron
Advocates present strategic plan for Hawaiian Homelands
  • News Report

Community advocates for Hawaiian Homelands beneficiaries presented the first-ever community-created strategy for how those lands ought to be used to legislators this week. Read More »

Fiji ditches the Union Jack: in pictures →
  • Announcement

Fiji will redesign its national flag to reflect the country as it is now rather than its colonial past. Here are other flags in history that incorporated the union jack More at The Guardian »

Independence for French Polynesia? →

U.N. General Assembly discusses plans for genuine process of self-determination for French Polynesia / Ma'ohi Nui More at Overseas Territories Review »

Will Caron
Kaua‘i overwhelmingly supports Hāʻena subsistence fishing plan

Subsistence fishers, lineal descendants of Hāʻena and community members from across Kaua‘i and the rest of the state testified in support of the Hāʻena Community Based Subsistence Fishing Area rules. Read More »

Will Caron
The Hawaiian business caucus

OHA will hold a new caucus for Hawaiian businesses owners at the upcoming Native Hawaiian Convention. Read More »

Will Caron
Progress along the arc of social justice

A recent UN committee session provided an opportunity for social justice advocates to help shape future policy toward ending ongoing racial discrimination and human rights violations in the United States. Read More »

Joshua Cooper
Growing demand for OHA scholarships

Number of students relying on OHA scholarships for college, percent of expenses covered by scholarships both increased this year. Read More »

Will Caron
Navigating a path to the future

The Native Hawaiian Convention will bring together community members to discuss policy that will held shape the future of the community. Read More »

Will Caron
UN committee finds racial discrimination still prevalent in America

After the U.S. Human Rights Network presented information on continuing racial discrimination and human rights violations, the committee submitted a report with recommendations for the U.S. government. Read More »

Will Caron
Hearing set for Hā‘ena fishing area

DLNR announces a public hearing to establish a community-based subsistence fishing area at Hā‘ena, Kauaʻi Read More »

Will Caron
The psychology of a gunman

Christopher Deedy had several "bullets" locked and loaded in his mind and trained on an imaginary, Hawaiian threat before he ever even set foot in Hawaii. Read More »

Nonohe Botelho
We stand with you

"A lot of us were there to show our aloha to the family and let them know that even though the verdict and media portrayal of their beloved son might not seem like it, the community is here for them and supports them." Read More »

Bryan Kuwada
Racism and colonial oppression are alive and well

"The trial seemed to put Kollin on trial, as if to judge whether his life was worthy of protection under the law." Read More »

Kyle Kajihiro
This system will not deliver justice

A statement from Women's Voices, Women Speak. Read More »

Kim Compoc
License to kill?

What the not-guilty verdict demonstrates about law enforcement's ability to use lethal force with impunity. Read More »

Dr. Kalamaokaʻaina Niheu
The commonality of law enforcement brutality

During the rally for Kollin Elderts last Friday, tourists were surprised to learn that law enforcement brutality happens in Hawaii too. Read More »

Carolyn Hadfield
PRIMM expansion a critical step towards healthy Pacific region

With a bold vision backed by strong science and important cultural leaders in the Pacific, President Obama could create a unique cultural and conservation legacy at the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Read More »

Trisha Kehaulani Watson
Niʻihau family makes rare public address

On the last day of WiPC:E, the Robinson family, stewards of Niʻihau, spoke of maintaining the unique way of life still practiced on their island. Read More »

Ikaika Ramones
Hā‘ena Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area moves forward

The BLNR voted today to approve public hearings regarding the adoption of a new rule that would create a subsistence fishing area on Kaua‘i. Read More »

Will Caron
Hawaiʻi’s over-fishing problems reach Niʻihau, endanger its community

Fishermen, primarily from Kauai, have been fishing in Niihau waters for decades, steadily depleting its residents of their primary food-source. The senate's Native Hawaiian caucus, along with the DLNR, intend to put a stop to that. Read More »

Will Caron