The Red Nation: Border Town Justice Campaign

The campaign to end institutional violence against Native peoples heads to Gallup, New Mexico; much (if not all) of what is said applies to Hawaii as well.

The Red Nation is a coalition dedicated to the liberation of Native peoples from capitalism and colonialism.

Our “Border Town Justice Campaign” addresses economic and sexual exploitation, criminalization, discrimination and violence directed at Native people living off-reservation. Today, four of five Native people live off-reservation. In border towns, poverty and violence often exceed reservation-based rates.

The United States is premised on the erasure of Native people. Extreme forms of social control that police Native presence in border towns contribute to this larger structure of erasure. Yet, neither mainstream nor Native-led social justice groups advocate for off-reservation populations and their issues.

Our campaign rectifies this by working with those surviving under the most precarious of conditions. Our effectiveness lies in our collective decision-making and ability to recruit leaders directly from these affected groups. We intend to mobilize a widespread movement to reject these conditions and reclaim Native life and land.