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What the government shutdown means for Hawaii

It’s the beginning of the new fiscal year for the US government, and to celebrate, it’s out of business, at least for now.

The partial government shutdown puts 25,000 federal employees out of work in Hawaii.

National parks shut down

Maui News:

As a result of the shutdown, National parks across the state including Haleakalā National Park here on Maui are closed. Haleakalā National Park issued a reminder that the closure includes the Kīpahulu section in East Maui. Officials say only 10-15 employees who are considered essential will remain on site; all others have been furloughed.

From Rep. Tulsi Gabbard:

All seven National Park Service cites in Hawai‘i would likely close.  This includes the USS Arizona, Haleakala, Volcanoes, Puuhonua O Honaunau, Puukohola Heiau, Kaloko Honokohau and Kalaupapa.  Residents should be able to remain in Kalaupapa.  In the 1995-1996 shutdown, the National Park Service closed all 368 sites.

Military and military contractors

From Rep. Tulsi Gabbard:

Civilian federal employees and government contractors would not be paid. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees immediately and indefinitely furloughed, and many Federal employees and contractors that continue to work would not be paid during the shutdown. Furloughed federal employees would not be allowed to volunteer to report to work or answer official e-mail or messages during a shutdown.

Members of the military would continue to report for work, and would also continue to be paid as usual.

If you are a federal employee, each federal department and agency will have its own shutdown plan because of the differences in funding and staffing. Please consult your employer for specific guidance.


Hawaii’s all-Democrat congressional delegation reacted angrily to the partial government shutdown that took effect at midnight in Washington, placing the blame squarely on House Republicans for refusing to compromise.

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