Government Shutdown 2013

Technicians are back to work →

Nearly 1,000 federal technicians around Hawaii have been recalled after being furloughed due to the government shutdown. More at KHON »

Gabbard keeps offices open during shut down →

While Sen. Hirono shut down her offices completely, Rep. Gabbard has kept her Hawaii and DC offices open More at Hawaii Reporter »

Shutdown hurting Hawaii’s economy →

Concerns are mounting that Hawaii’s economy — so dependent of tourism and the military — could suffer setbacks if the standoff between President Barack Obama and House Republican leaders is not resolved promptly so that federal employees can get back to work, attractions can reopen and services return to the status quo. More at Star-Advertiser »

Program for women and children OK for now

In spite of the federal government shutdown, Hawaii’s nutritional program for women, infants and children is still open for business. Read More »

Jolyn Okimoto Rosa
What the government shutdown means for Hawaii