Tsunami Warning 27 October

Following social media for reactions on the Tsunami Warning

9:21PM Many tweeters positive about Mayor Carlisle’s response. 

9:16PM Governor’s Office is finally using #HITsunami.

9:11PM Maui High School now opened for evacuations.

9:07PM Some company is spamming on the #HITsunami tag advertising for anti-pimple cream.

9:03PM Facebook conversation revolving around storing water and showering in case of water shutoffs. HITsunami.info has been launched and is trending across twitter.

8:54PM Lots of people pointing out #HItsunami vs #Frankenstorm on East Coast. Still a very serious conversation on Twitter. Reports of McDonalds and Starbucks Closures.

8:49PM Foodland is moving emergency supplies to the front of their stores.

8:44PM Reports of more Halloween events cancelled as well as theaters stopping movies and sending patrons home. @GenePark reports Ala Moana Boulevard is closed. Many people reporting on sirens.

8:37PM Beginning reporting following social media. The current Twitter Hashtag is #HItsunami
Hullabaloo has been cancelled. @thedailydish is providing great news coverage. Reports of waves 3-6 feet in height that are expected to hit Hilo, Kahalui, and Haleiwa.