Ethan ʻOnipaʻa Porter

We do deserve better

An HSTA member's point of view of the union's election debacle. Read More »

Hawaii island tsunami refuge centers → Maui tsunami refuge centers → Tsunami Warning 27 October

Following social media for reactions on the Tsunami Warning Read More »

Students gather to oppose windward military expansion

Ilima Long: “We wanted to show solidarity with those in the community that don’t feel that it's right, or that the things that are going on today are problematic.” Read More »

Indefinite detention injunction reversed →

In New York, a federal judge has ruled that indefinite detention of terror suspects violates the first amendment and is unconstitutional. The ruling affects a section of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. The Obama administration has already filed an appeal. More at Huffington Post »

Libyans arrest suspected murderer → NDAA suit finds against government → Akaka Bill moves forward →

A senate committee has passed Senate Bill 675, the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, which will now head to the Senate floor. This will be Senator Akaka’s last chance to pass his namesake legislation before his retirement. More at Civil Beat »

City Council moves bill forward to allow portable housing on farmland → Occupy anniversary next week →

Events have been planned for this weekend at the main camp in New York City. More at The Nation » Read More »

Obama tops Romney in latest poll →

The President has a 6 point lead. More at CNN » Read More »

Court claims police violated Constitution in taking homeless property →

Is HPD taking of property illegal? More at Civil Beat » Read More »

DLNR revoking Hawaii Pack and Paddle permit →

After the tragic death of a customer, the Hawaii Island company could lose its access to the Cook Memorial More at West Hawaii Today » Read More »

16 vie for council position

It's not just about rail, but we asked anyway Read More »

Interview with Mazie Hirono 7 Races Determined by < 300 votes →

One vote never made a difference? More at Office of Elections » Read More »