Pacific Beach Hotel charged with anti-union activities

News Report
Travis Quezon

After 8 months of investigation, the National Labor Relations Board charged HTH Corporation with illegal acts in its relationship with its Pacific Beach Hotel employees.

The charges, issued on September 15, include refusing to recognize the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) as the workers' elected union, firing workers for union activity, conducting surveillance of workers participating in union activities, interfering with workers' rights, and failing to negotiate in good faith.

"The community has always been strong in its support of Pacific Beach Hotel workers' rights," ILWU O'ahu Division Director Dave Mori said in a press release. "It is heartening to know that the federal government is now standing behind these workers as well."

Pacific Beach Hotel employees organized a union in 2002 after working 8 years without a pay raise.

Robert Minicola, HTH regional vice president told Forbes that the charges are "allegations, but there is no proof that that's happened, and that's why there's a hearing. Until the hearing's done, right now we're not guilty of anything."

A hearing on the charges against HTH Corporation is scheduled for November 4.

[Updated September 29, 2008 with photo of April 29, 2008 Justice at the Beach picket]