Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner challenges Haseko presence in Ewa

Special to The Hawaii Independent

HONOLULU—An open forum was held at the Ewa Beach Park Pavilion from on August 27 by Honolulu City Councilmember Tom Berg for Ewa residents to discuss a number of issues pertaining to Oahu’s Leeward side.

Community members discussed the building of a new road at Papipi Street in Ewa. This “gift road” was given to the City’s Parks Department by Japanese developer Haseko Ewa, Inc.

Michael Kumukauoha Lee, a Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner and recognized Cultural Descendant by the State of Hawaii Preservation Department reported that he won a contested case against Haseko Ewa, Inc. in 2008. The case dealt with the dumping of waste water from the Kaloi Gulch directly into the ocean near the Oneula Beach Park called “Hau Bush” by the Ewa Beach residents living there.

Lee said he also won another lawsuit that same year against Haseko Ewa, Inc. in the First Circuit Court of Hawaii, and that it, too, dealt with the same type of “clean water issues” being broken. Lee then presented at the meeting a report on plans for the new Papipi Road project that he said was concealed from the public.

Lee announced plans for another Hawaii lawsuit against Haseko Ewa, Inc. dealing with clean water issues as well as the protection of many ancient royal Hawaiian burial sites in the Ewa area.

The following is a video of Lee’s presentation:

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