Legislature overturns veto on Kahana Valley bill

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Hawaii Independent Staff

Yesterday, the Legislature successfully overturned Gov. Linda Lingle’s veto on House Bill 1552.

The bill establishes a 2-year moratorium on evictions of residents of Kahana Valley State Park as well as authorizes the State to issue new long-term residential leases and creates planning councils to develop park plans.

Six families were facing an ongoing eviction process by the State due to the current interpretation by Attorney General Mark Bennet of a 1987 law intending to resolve conflicting interests between the state and the families living in Kahana.

The veto of House Bill 1552 was overturned when both Houses received the two-thirds majority vote required.

The Senate voted with 23 ayes and 2 noes from Sen. Fred Hemmings and Sen. Sam Slom.

The House of Representatives voted with 39 Ayes 8 Noes from Representatives Rida Cabanilla, Corinne Ching, Lynn Finnegan, Sharon Har, Barbara Marumoto, Scott Saiki, Joe Souki, James Kunane Tokioka. Representatives Lyla Berg, Mark Takai, Cynthia Thielen, and Gene Ward were excused.