Honolulu residents demonstrate support for Kahana families

First-Hand Report
Ed Greevy

35 Honolulu residents gathered at a Department of Land and Natural Resources hearing Tuesday night to call attention to the state's plans to evict six Ahupua'a 'o Kahana families.

Makiki resident Karen Murray testifies in support of the families' right to stay on their lands.

Honolulu 'opio held signs to raise public awareness of DLNR's threatened eviction of long-time Kahana residents.

Imaikalani Winchester, Waipi'o resident, calls for the Kahana families to stay on the land.

With discipline, young and old chanted "Eia Hawaiinuiakea," a mele composed by John Keola Lake. "Here is the great Hawaii – Hawaii large, Hawaii small; Hawaii long, Hawaii short; Hawaii above, Hawaii below; Hawaii in the sea of Kanaloa; … the native people stand strong – there is life."