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HCDA to brief politicians, public on Kaka‘ako development projects

Kaka‘ako-area politicians will host a briefing on all development projects slated for the district on Tuesday, July 30 from 5:30–7:30 at the State Capitol Auditorium

Will Caron

Representatives of the Hawaii Community Development Authority, which oversees development in the district, will present information on the 2011 Kaka‘ako Mauka Area Master Plan, reserved housing and the difference between workforce and affordable housing, the proposed Transit Oriented Development rules and how that will interact with the 2011 rules, enforcement of rules, variances and modifications, and adequacy of current district infrastructure and future infrastructure needs. There will be time for questions afterward as well.

The politicians who will be present all have ties to the Kaka‘ako district and the areas immediately adjacent.

From the State House, Scott Saiki (House District 26, McCully, Kaheka, Kaka‘ako and Downtown), Della Au Belatti (House District 24, Makiki) and Tom Brower (House District 22, Waikiki and Ala Moana) will host.

From the State Senate, Suzanne Chun Oakland (Senate District 13, which includes Pauoa, Lower Tantalus and Downtown) and Brickwood Galuteria (Senate District 12, which includes Waikiki, Ala Moana and Kaka‘ako) will host.

And from the City and County of Honolulu, Councilmembers Ann Kobayashi (District 5, which includes McCully, portions of Ala Moana, Kaka‘ako and Makiki) and Carol Fukunaga (District 6, which includes portions of Makiki, Downtown, Punchbowl and Pauoa Valley) will host.

At previous HCDA debriefing meetings it was difficult to find clarity on the issue of development in the district, as many community members were unclear about what HCDA even is. This made it difficult to ask meaningful questions and receive solid answers. This briefing, with the relevant politicians hosting and asking questions of the HCDA representatives, should be more insightful, provided the politicians ask the questions that will help their constituents understand what is going on in Kaka‘ako. If residents want to attend any meeting about this issue, this may very well be the most meaningful.