Are Kaka‘ako schools ready for its development?

Live, work, play – and learn?

Jordan Aikau

Kaka‘ako has plans, big plans. It’ll be another city added to the growing island Oahu. The nearest elementary schools, Royal and Queen Ka‘ahumanu, will soon reach capacity with the planned high-rises.

The suggested solutions are to convert them to a multi-track school, which the Department of Education can do or add portable classrooms like Kapolei Elementary and Middle Schools did.

According to Ray L’Hereux, Chief of Facilities, multi-tracking may not be the best idea. “Multi-tracking, in my estimation, is an archaic way to answer a problem,” L’Hereux said. Nationally, schools are moving away from the multi-track system. Portables have limits limits, too: L’Hereux isn’t a fan of the idea, and Royal School may not have enough landportables. He’s hoping to find a solution in the next three years.

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