Hawaii electors call for CIA declassification

News Report
Will Caron

Hawaii’s four electors to the Electoral College have added their names to a growing list of electors and members of Congress who have called for declassification of a CIA report on Russian hacking during the election. This comes just five days before the Electoral College is set to pick the next president of the United States on Monday, Dec. 19. The electors sent the following statement out yesterday:

We the undersigned Electors from Hawaii are asking the President to release to electors the CIA report on Russia’s hacking of electronic devices related to the election. The information contained in the report is essential to carrying out our constitutional obligation of casting our vote in an election that is free from tampering from outside entities. Ten electors from other states and some members of Congress have already made this request.  We wish to add our names to the list.

John Bickel
Janice Bond
Marie (Dolly) Strazar
David Mulinix

It’s possible that information contained within the report could effect the decision of some electors on whether or not to vote for Donald Trump.