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Participating in democracy, elections, city planning, cleanups, policy discussions, and other issues pertaining to citizen participation in government.

Voting for a change
  • Discussion

Why Dave Mulinix broke state law to cast his electoral vote for Bernie Sanders Read More »

Will Caron
Hawaii electors call for CIA declassification
  • News Report
Will Caron
People’s Congress to mobilize statewide grassroots advocacy
  • Announcement

The Hawaii People’s Congress, a coalition of organizations and individuals from across the islands working to end systemic barriers to justice in the islands, is holding its statewide convening this weekend in Honolulu. Read More »

Zombies on Bishop Street!

Resisting life among the living dead Read More »

Tyler Greenhill
Donald Trump: the ultimate haole
  • Essay

A local perspective on the republican presidential candidate Read More »

Judy Rohrer
Hawaii Trump rally will take place at Veteran’s Center
  • Analysis
Will Caron
Bernie made me white →
  • Link

How mainstream media tried and failed to whitewash Bernie Sanders’ Hawaii win More at ntrsctn »

Familiar messages, hopes at legislative opening day
  • News Report

“People Over Profits” message unites broad progressive coalition; hundreds converge on Hawai‘i’s Capitol Read More »

Ige should make Children and Youth Day a state event
  • Essay
Kris Coffield and Jeanné Kapela
Still feeling the Bern
  • Opinion

As the weeks go by, "foolhardy" faith in a Bernie Sanders victory continues to look less and less foolish. Read More »

Bart Dame
Sanders campaign kicks off with 24 gatherings across Hawaii
  • News Report

Supporters of progressive Democratic contender for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, are holding 3,520 kick-off parties across the U.S. today, with 103,249 confirmed so far. Read More »

Will Caron
#NCOTweetup: empowering you through neighborhood boards
  • Announcement

This Sunday, community members can receive updates and information regarding the neighborhood boards using the hashtag #NCOTweetup. Read More »