City Council to vote on Laie Marriott Hotel complex

Hawaii Independent Staff

HONOLULU—When the Honolulu City Council convenes on Wednesday, August 17, councilmembers will be voting whether to grant a Special Management Area Use Permit to Hawaii Reserves, Inc. for a hotel complex part of the controversial Envision Laie development.

Resolution 11-84 CD1 pertains to a large Laie Marriott Hotel complex: a four-story, 222-unit hotel, which includes a restaurant and banquet/meeting facilities; a stand-alone McDonald’s restaurant; and a new-two-story commercial building at 55-370 and 55-400 Kamehameha Hwy.

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Oahu residents opposed to the development have stated that the proposed Laie Marriott does not fit in with the rural character of the Koolau Loa District. Those in opposition have urged the City Council to shrink the Laie Marriott by half, down to 50 to 100 rooms, and make the buildings only 1 to 2 stories with an architectural style that reflects the rural character of the country.

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