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Kaua‘i overwhelmingly supports Hāʻena subsistence fishing plan

Subsistence fishers, lineal descendants of Hāʻena and community members from across Kaua‘i and the rest of the state testified in support of the Hāʻena Community Based Subsistence Fishing Area rules. Read More »

TMT groundbreaking ceremony blocked

Demonstrators have blockaded the Mauna Kea access road to protest the Thirty Meter Telescope project, which was set to break ground today. Read More »

Tackling domestic violence: Hawaiʻi must do better

While state laws and the Honolulu Police Department's policies regarding domestic violence cases need some improvement, experts say it is HPD's poor enforcement of these laws and policies that is the real factor in continuing cycles of domestic violence in Hawaiʻi. Read More »

Domestic violence explainer

An overview of HPD policies, State laws and annual statistics related to domestic violence. Read More »

Restricting access to Mauna Kea is a First Amendment violation

The TMT project breaks ground next Tuesday, and protesters are concerned they won't be able to demonstrate because Hawaiʻi County Police has recommended that UH close off access to Mauna Kea during the ceremony. Read More »

Ethics violations cast doubt over City Council’s integrity

After an investigation into alleged ethics violations, State Rep. and former City Councilmember Romy Cachola has been ordered to pay a $50,000 fine. Read More »

Crisis at UH Mānoa

The consequences to the university's flagship campus, should the Board of Regents refuse a faculty demand for overhaul of board policies that promote interference and micromanagement, could be disastrous. Read More »

Kaua‘i pesticide disclosure fight continues

Kaua‘i community groups appeal lower court decision striking down County Ordinance 960, the pesticide disclosure law. Read More »

ACLU declares First Amendment victory

Judge Susan Mollway granted a temporary restraining order against Hawaiʻi County last week in Kona “Panhandling” case. Read More »

Hawai‘i’s alternative industries get a boost

More than $5 million in federal grants will help develop Hawai‘i's agriculture, clean tech, manufacturing and healthcare industries. Read More »

Oahu defense contractor sentenced on espionage charges

A retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and civilian contractor will spend more than seven years in federal prison after he was convicted on espionage charges. Read More »

Mānoa faculty censure Lassner

After nearly voting to send the UH system president a resolution of no confidence, Mānoa faculty opted to censure him instead. Read More »

New houseless bills won’t help

The city's “compassionate disruption” strategy does more to hide the houseless problem from tourists than it does actually solve the underlying problems that lead to houselessness. Read More »

Senate fails to pass campaign spending reform amendment

Senate Republicans unanimously voted against a proposed constitutional amendment today that would, among other things, repeal Citizens United. Read More »

ACLU files suit over Big Island First Amendment violations

The ACLU of Hawaii is suing to have a pair of Hawai‘i County ordinances it says violates First Amendment rights taken off the books. Read More »

A second look at Hawaiʻi’s medical pot program

At the request of the recently created Medical Marijuana Dispensary Task Force, the Hawaiʻi Legislative Reference Bureau has created an updated report on the feasibility of a medical marijuana dispensary program. Read More »

Hawai‘i County declared Ag disaster zone

In the wake of Iselle, Hawai‘i County's agriculture industry was adversely impacted to the point that the USDA declared the island a major disaster zone today. Read More »

Navigating a path to the future

The Native Hawaiian Convention will bring together community members to discuss policy that will held shape the future of the community. Read More »

Red Cross urges climate change preparedness

The disaster relief organization is calling on governments and international organizations at the Conference on Small Island Developing States to take concrete actions to reduce climate-change related disaster risks. Read More »

Memorializing money-making?

A report by the National Parks Service shows that commercial tour operators have been taking advantage of the Arizona Memorial's free passes policy to make a profit, while under the less-than-watchful eyes of the memorial's operators. Read More »

UN committee finds racial discrimination still prevalent in America

After the U.S. Human Rights Network presented information on continuing racial discrimination and human rights violations, the committee submitted a report with recommendations for the U.S. government. Read More »

Bought and paid for?

Monsanto, GMOs and the importance of independent research at the University of Hawaiʻi. Read More »

Judge rules Kauaʻi pesticide law is pre-empted by state law

Kauaʻi residents and community leaders respond to a federal court ruling in the lawsuit brought by chemical companies against Kauaʻi's Ordinance 960: “This battle is far from over.” Read More »

Big Island Election Challenged in Hawai‘i Supreme Court

The ACLU and a group of Pahoa residents have filed lawsuit over alleged voting rights violations that came as a result of bad legislative practices in the wake of Hurricane Iselle. Read More »

Continuing contradictions at the Cancer Center

Senior faculty researchers and Director Carbone continue to share highly different, opposing explanations of what is going on at the UH Cancer Center. Read More »

Rally to be held for Kollin Elderts

The Elderts family and its supporters will hold a rally tonight in the wake of the not-guilty verdict handed down in the murder trial of Christopher Deedy. Read More »

Kerry Reaffirms ‘Ambitious Agenda’ of U.S. Engagement in Asia and the Pacific

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a speech at the East-West Center on Wednesday confirming that, in the 21st century, United States foreign policy would be increasingly directed at the Asia-Pacific region. Read More »

Growing UH voices demand Apple’s reinstatement

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee has added its voice to the swelling call for Tom Apple's re-appointment as Chancellor of Mānoa. Read More »

OHA candidate guide

Our analysis of the candidates for OHA appearing in the primary election ballot, based on their responses to a questionnaire created by Ka Wai Ola. Read More »

Students call for investigation into Apple’s termination

ASUH and GSO have sent a letter to Governor Abercrombie requesting a formal investigation into the firing of Tom Apple. Read More »

Unanswered: Who is protecting Dr. Michele Carbone?

The Independent sent follow up questions to Sen. Roz Baker and President Lassner in an attempt to shed light on the mysterious support Dr. Michele Carbone continues to receive. Read More »

UH chooses bad apple over good

The University System administration and President Lassner's decision to continue defending the unit director largely responsible for Chancellor Apple's removal jeopardizes both the future of the Cancer Center and the standing of the University as a whole. Read More »

Apple refutes biased performance evaluations

Tom Apple sent a letter to President Lassner last night in which he refutes the vague and general criticisms in his performance evaluation with factual examples of his exemplary performance. Read More »

Apple cored: business as usual at UH

Chancellor Apple's removal after only two years on the job is a reflection of political in-fighting and dysfunction within the university, not on the performance of his duties. Read More »

A quarter of Hawaii now eligible for medicaid

Watchdog.org reports that one fourth of Hawaii's population now qualifies for Medicaid following implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Read More »

Kim campaign tactic erodes trust in voting process

The League of Women Voters has criticized a Kim campaign tactic urging her supporters to take a picture of their ballot and post to social media. Read More »

Iwasa receives key endorsements

Star-Advertiser, Sierra Club endorse City Council candidate Natalie Iwasa (District 4, East Oahu). Read More »

Caldwell endorses Abercrombie

The mayor of Honolulu County bases his endorsement on his close working relationship with the governor. Read More »

OHA trustee explains position on TMT

Hawai‘i Island OHA Trustee Robert Lindsey tells The Independent why he pushed for OHA to withdraw from the Thirty Meter Telescope contested case. Read More »

Hawaiian political leader writes to U.S. senator—gets response

An exchange of letters between a Hawaiian political leader and a U.S. senator in 1897 reflects the central questions of today's Hawaiian sovereignty movement. Read More »

Gov. appoints new members to LUC, HHFDC

The executive office continues to fill vacancies on state agency boards with new appointments to the Land Use Commission and the Hawaiʻi Housing Finance and Development Corporation Read More »

The 2014 “Rusty Scalpel” award goes to…

Government transparency advocacy groups make their pick for this year's most altered, unrecognizable and least transparent bill of the 2014 legislative session. Read More »

U.S. government vows to defend environment—except when military is around

Why no one should be surprised over environmental exemptions granted to the navy during RIMPAC and beyond. Read More »

Ige and Abercrombie trade blows over kupuna

The Abercrombie campaign responds to criticism by David Ige over the governor's cancellation of three AARP debates. Read More »

Three new appointees named to land board

The governor announced today three nominations for interim appointees to fill vacancies on the state's land board. Read More »

State agency board members resign en mass

After Governor Abercrombie let the new financial disclosure law pass without his signature, the tally of state officials that have resigned from agency boards continues to rise. Read More »

FAA: Waiver doesn’t trump local law

The FAA clarifies that the waiver it granted to the air-born banner advertisement company does not supersede either state or local laws, including the 1927 billboard ban. Read More »

A speed date to remember

Progressive Democrats of Hawaii and Americans for Democratic Action, Hawaii will hold a speed dating forum with democratic candidates running in the first congressional district primary election. Read More »

Army report imagines drastic isle cuts

The Star-Advertiser reports on “potential reductions” in military spending and presence being studied as a way to lend “flexibility” to decision makers. Read More »

Kia‘aina confirmed to Dept. of Interior

DLNR's Esther Kia‘aina was confirmed by the United States Senate as Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas at the U.S. Department of the Interior today. Read More »

On the chopping block

Governor Abercrombie's current list of bills he is considering vetoing. Read More »

Mauna Kea is only worth three apartment building development projects

The proposed sublease rent rates UH plans on charging the TMT LLC totals to roughly three times what the state will charge, in total, developer Forest City to build the 690 Pohukaina apartment building complex. Read More »

Discrepancies hold up budget, bond-authorization bills

Governor Abercrombie announced a plan today to address discrepancies between the budget and bond-authorization bills preventing each from being signed. Read More »

TMT lease on BLNR agenda

The Thirty Meter Telescope is once again on the Board of Land and Natural Resources meeting agenda for this Friday. Read More »

New union endorsements for Hannemann, Abercrombie

The recently announced Hannemann campaign has secured two union endorsements, while Governor Abercrombie's campaign picked one up as well. Read More »

Hannemann chooses veteran as running mate

Mufi Hannemann officially filed for the 2014 gubernatorial race today, and announced decorated military veteran Les Chang as running mate. Read More »

City development fight heads to Supreme Court

After four years of appeals, the Supreme Court of Hawaiʻi will decide the fate of a Waikīkī development project. Read More »

A holistic approach to health

At Kokua Kalihi Valley, health care means more than a prescription: it means empowering communities to become whole. Read More »

UH opts for Lassner

The University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents have selected interim president David Lassner to be the next UH System President. Read More »

Pitching change

The Hawaii Republican Assembly's letter criticizing the Hawaii Republican Party leadership already caused Colleen Meyer to quit the assembly. As she prepares to take on the HIRA-friendly candidate for Clayton Hee's senate seat, Richard Fale, we wonder what else this internal bickering could lead to. Read More »

Hā‘ena Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area moves forward

The BLNR voted today to approve public hearings regarding the adoption of a new rule that would create a subsistence fishing area on Kaua‘i. Read More »

Report shows threat from pesticides is greatest on Oahu, not Kauai

Sampling by the DOH reveals Oahu's urban streams have the highest number of pesticides, but that most pesticide levels are still below EPA benchmarks. Read More »

World’s largest conservation gathering will come to Honolulu

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has selected Honolulu as the first U.S. venue to host its World Conservation Congress. Read More »

Hawaii historic sites in danger of disappearing forever

Climate change will threaten two major historic sites in Hawaii, according to a new report Read More »

Wiercinksi’s way

What could happen to the University of Hawaii system, should Lt. General Frank Wiercinski be chosen as President

Ethics findings show a need for better city employee training

The Honolulu Ethics Commission has found probable cause of ethics violations by a city employee involving accepting gifts and a misuse of sick leave. Read More »

Opposition for Lt. General Frank Wiercinski’s candidacy for UH President

A letter sent out by UH faculty members addressed to the Board of Regents outlines four primary concerns over Wiercinski's status as a finalist for UH President and invites members of the community to attach their names via online petition. Read More »

The Pacific Region’s top climate concerns

Coral loss, water supplies, increased temperatures top Hawai‘i and Pacific Region Concerns in 3rd U.S. National Climate Assessment. Read More »

Flooding emergency in the Solomon Islands

The Red Cross launches emergency appeal to support 20,000 people affected by flash flooding. Read More »

Small business, according to Governor Abercrombie

The Senate confirmed Brian Tamamoto to one of HCDA's two "small business" seats on April 24. The thing is, Tamamoto's company is a subsidiary of Kobayashi Group, a major developer ($3 billion worth so far) and anything but a small business. Read More »

Marshalls sue in the name of peace

The lawsuit brought by the nuclear bomb-tested island nation against the nine world nuclear powers is for all our futures. Read More »

Hanabusa prioritizes military money

Colleen Hanabusa's introduction of a bill that would expand the Pohakuloa training area ignores Native Hawaiian, environmental, civilian concerns in favor of an Imitate Inouye policy. Read More »

EDU committee defends, confirms Don Horner

Concerns raised by the LGBT community and its supporters over Horner's ability to keep his faith out of his job backfire. Read More »

LGBT, Church groups mobilize around Horner nomination

The BOE chairman's Senate re-appointment confirmation hearing could become a flash point for the first skirmish of the new year between the groups that fought over same-sex marriage in October. Read More »

Wooley’s gut-and-replace gambit

In an attempt to get a GMO-labeling bill heard this session, Rep. Wooley turned to a legislative strategy that most would agree is, usually, a less-than-savory tactic. Read More »

Instructional what?

Defining instructional hours to allow for greater flexibility is the one thing everyone agrees HB1675 needs in order to be effective. Read More »

The short end of the stick

House Labor Chair Nakashima's compromise on the minimum wage increase bill favors small business owners over their employees. Read More »

Help for Hawaiʻi island’s bug battle

With assaults from two highly pervasive pests destroying iconic big island crops, the Legislature is working on bills that would send funding to reinforce Hawaiʻi's farmers. Read More »

Aikea rallies against condo conversion

The job preservation movement, organized by Unite Here Local 5, rallied at Honolulu Hale today in support of City Bill 16. Read More »

Legislation for Hawaiʻi’s keiki

Yesterday, the House and Senate Committees on Education (EDN, EDU) met to discuss education bills that have crossed over from each chamber. Read More »

Homeless Bill of Rights falls short for houseless

HB1889, known as the Homeless Bill of Rights, is widely supported, but not by some of the very people whom it would supposedly protect. Read More »

Syngenta employee to run for Kauaʻi council seat

Agrees with employer that pesticide and GE crop disclosure should be regulated at the state, not county level. Read More »

Kaua‘i GMO legal bout enters round two

National non-profits the Center for Food Safety and Earthjustice enter the ring on behalf of Kaua‘i County and its under-siege law. Read More »

OHA concerned over rent, not telescope

In its official statement regarding the TMT lease proposal, OHA lists concerns over the rent-terms of the lease and about forgone revenues, but says nothing about opposing the project itself. Read More »

Poll shows Ige, Abercrombie tied →

Civil Beat poll results provide Sen. Ige an opportunity for renewed fundraising. More at Civil Beat » Read More »

Belatti on Medi-Marijuana dispensaries

After an informational briefing highlighted the medicinal values and outlined the path and roadblocks to implementation of marijuana dispensaries, Rep. Della Au Belatti calls for "steady, measured and reasonable dialogue" on the subject. Read More »

UH Regents vote for Mauna Kea sublease despite lawsuit, demonstrations

Amid an ongoing lawsuit and student-led demonstrations, the UH Board of Regents met today and voted for a planned sublease that would allow the Thirty Meter Telescope project to proceed. Read More »

The Hawaii State Ethics Commission: A Guide

What you need to know about the state regulatory entity responsible for addressing ethical issues involving legislators, registered lobbyists, and state employees. Read More »

“County preemption” measure dies in committee

Large crowd shows up on short notice Read More »

A rally for the rest of us

Thursday's “People Not Profits” rally brought together grassroots organizations lobbying on a variety of issues, all unified by the message that our government should serve the people, not corporations and developers. Read More »

Understanding Hawaii’s early-education initiative

Investing in our keiki through effective early-ed programs will save the state money in the long run, if the governor's proposal finds support in the legislature. The question is the overall quality of the program. Read More »

Understanding prison reform

While the governor's call to bring home more Hawaii convicts from the mainland is a positive step, it does little to fix the root problems with Hawaii's prison system. Read More »

Anderson defers Bill 6

Another "sidewalk bill" dies as the city struggles to find a solution to houselessness Read More »

Lobby up for 2014

Two scoops rice, mac salad and one legislature, please. Read More »

Foster parents file class-action lawsuit against the State of Hawaii

A federal class-action lawsuit challenges the state’s alleged failure to cover the real costs of caring for Hawaii’s most disadvantaged children Read More »

How Rep. Brower voted on housing, the houseless

With Rep. Brower agreeing to put down his sledge hammer and hang up his cape, we decided to take a look at his 2013 voting record on bills relating to housing and the houseless. Read More »

Hammer Head From Council to Congress?

Political correspondent Will Caron interviewed Honolulu city councilmember Stanley Chang, who is a candidate for the US House of Representatives. The full interview is available in the app edition. Read More »

The Trouble With ʻEwa

The ‘Ewa Development Plan is based on a more-than-thirty-year-old vision of a “second-city;” a new urban center in Kapolei and the ‘Ewa plains – long before “sustainability,” “urban sprawl” and “food security” were terms on people’s lips. Read More »

Hawaii’s education race

Patricia Ann Park, an Assistant Superintendent, will now head Educator Evaluation efforts, which was a sticking point in labor negotiations Read More »