Sale of Lana‘i

Lana‘i sale completed →
Billionaires likely won’t pay conveyance tax on sale of 88,000 acres on Lanai →

Ian Lind:

But because the deal is structured around Lanai Island Holdings LLC purchase of control of several Castle & Cooke subsidiaries which in turn owned Murdock’s Lanai assets, it appears to effectively sidestep the state conveyance tax.
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Oracle owes state $333,824 in back taxes →

For clarity's sake, Oracle and Ellison are not one and the same. Interesting find nonetheless by Jim Dooley. More at Hawaii Reporter »

State Senate President asked for state to consider Lana‘i purchase

From State Senate President Shan Tsutsui's letter to Gov. Abercrombie:

"The uncertainty that the potential sale represents presents grave concerns of the future of the people of Lanai," said Senator Tsutsui in a news release Wednesday. "The continued private ownership of Lanai may prove detrimental to the people of Lanai and the state, as a private owner is not subject to public, community, or government input in making decisions that can and will affect such parties."

Murdock will retain wind development rights →

Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, reporting for the Associated Press:

Those opposed to the project think it'll ruin pristine views of the Pacific Ocean and other Hawaiian islands.
There's more than "pristine views" at stake. The wind project raises fundamental questions about the relationship between urban and rural areas, and who should derive benefit from the use of rural resources. More at HawaiiNewsNow/AP »

Ikaika M Hussey
Lana‘i for Lana‘i

An essay calling for local ownership of Lana‘i-kaula. Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey