Christopher Deedy retrial

Rep. Ing introduces “Kollin Elderts” bill
  • Press Release

Would ban law enforcement officers from consuming alcohol while carrying a gun, even if off-duty Read More »

The psychology of a gunman

Christopher Deedy had several "bullets" locked and loaded in his mind and trained on an imaginary, Hawaiian threat before he ever even set foot in Hawaii. Read More »

Nonohe Botelho
We stand with you

"A lot of us were there to show our aloha to the family and let them know that even though the verdict and media portrayal of their beloved son might not seem like it, the community is here for them and supports them." Read More »

Bryan Kuwada
Racism and colonial oppression are alive and well

"The trial seemed to put Kollin on trial, as if to judge whether his life was worthy of protection under the law." Read More »

Kyle Kajihiro
This system will not deliver justice

A statement from Women's Voices, Women Speak. Read More »

Kim Compoc
License to kill?

What the not-guilty verdict demonstrates about law enforcement's ability to use lethal force with impunity. Read More »

Dr. Kalamaokaʻaina Niheu
The commonality of law enforcement brutality

During the rally for Kollin Elderts last Friday, tourists were surprised to learn that law enforcement brutality happens in Hawaii too. Read More »

Carolyn Hadfield
Rally to be held for Kollin Elderts

The Elderts family and its supporters will hold a rally tonight in the wake of the not-guilty verdict handed down in the murder trial of Christopher Deedy. Read More »

Will Caron
Justice is dead

A lament for the systematic loss of Justice, and for those affected by it. Read More »

Ethan ʻOnipaʻa Porter
Elderts ohana, supporters march for justice

“We miss him everyday, he’s talked about everyday, he’s remembered everyday. We’re still lost, empty, not the same as we once were when he was around.” Read More »

Manjari Fergusson
Explaining the Deedy retrial

Recapping the murder case and explaining what will be different in this retrial versus last year's mistrial. Read More »

Manjari Fergusson
Deedy: Symptom of a disease

Christopher Deedy is just one manifestation of a larger disease that is poisoning our home and destroying our children. Read More »

Dr. Kalamaokaʻaina Niheu