Unveiling the Kalihi 21st Century Transformation Initiative

Plan includes a possible redevelopment of the land parcel on which the current OCCC facility is built.

Hawaii Independent Staff

The state Office of Planning and the Kalihi 21st Century Transformation Initiative’s Vison Committee today presented Governor David Ige with a Final Vision report outlining the initiative’s top priorities, including economic development and housing to support Kalihi’s current and future generations.

In his 2016 State of the State address, the governor committed to working with the community to revitalize Kalihi. He asked the Office of Planning to bring together community members to develop a vision for 21st century Kalihi, focusing on state owned land in the Dillingham/Iwilei corridor.

The committee consisted of members from both public and private sectors. Community members also had opportunities to provide their input at three public informational meetings at Farrington High School. Together, they established a list of redevelopment priorities:

• Economic development
• Affordable housing
• Ensuring the safety, health and well-being of current and future Kalihi residents
• Open spaces, infrastructure
• Preservation of pride and culture
• Kalihi as an iconic area of Honolulu

“I appreciate the hard work of the Vision Committee, the community and the Office of Planning,” said the governor today in a press release. “They worked collaboratively to discuss a wide range of potential opportunities for Kalihi, as we work to transform the community to its fullest potential.”

“Being part of the planning process was empowering, but it also shows that Governor Ige cares what we think and want and need. He promised that he would work with us to create a vision for Kalihi and he delivered,” said longtime Kalihi resident April Bautista.

The state is considering redevelopment of the 16-acre site of the existing O‘ahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC), a key parcel that could provide many opportunities for the Kalihi community. The Department of Public Safety is currently going through an Environmental Impact Statement process, reviewing potential sites to relocate the facility. The state is also considering keeping OCCC on site, but in a reconfigured footprint.

21st Century Kalihi Vision Report