Toyama National College of Technology and Kauai Community College agreement benefits students

News Report
Hawaii Independent Staff

Kaua’i Community College recently signed an educational agreement with Toyama National College of Technology that promises opportunities for creative and unique learning experiences for faculty and students at both institutions.

Kaua’i CC Chancellor Helen Cox regards international education as an integral component of the college’s offerings, and welcomes this partnership as a way of enhancing learning opportunities available to both students and faculty.

“We live in a multicultural, global society, so we need to help our students gain intercultural competence,” Cox said. “The more opportunities we offer will help them to understand themselves within the world’s context, and the stronger they will be for it.”

Cox plans to help the college develop an internationalized curriculum, host events focusing on international issues, and increase faculty and student exchanges. She wants to increase study abroad opportunities for Kaua’i CC students, as well as welcome more international students to the campus.

At the signing, Toyama National College of Technology Vice President Yoshinori Naruse also expressed the value of international student exchanges and stressed the value and importance of faculty exchanges to enrich curriculum. This type of exchange will provide Toyama College students with special hands-on learning experiences.

The first project as part of this agreement involves Toyama National College of Maritime Technology and Kaua’i CC’s Hawaiian Studies program and Office of Continuing Education and Training. Toyama College students will come to the Kaua’i campus to study Polynesian navigation, Hawaiian culture and English. Part of Toyama College’s curriculum involves the study of modern navigation techniques. Intrigued by how Polynesians were able to navigate vast distances throughout the Pacific without the aid of modern navigation equipment, Toyama College students are eager to study the treasured art of Polynesian navigation and voyaging at Kaua’i CC. Kaua’i CC Assistant Professor Dennis Chun and Toyama College Associate Professor of Maritime Technology Tomoki Oku are developing a program of study.