Letter: ‘Homeless’ people are still people

Letter to the Editor

The following letter is in response to the story “Roundup of homeless feared during APEC,” which ran in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on July 17.

It was an affront to see the photo of an elderly homeless man on your July 17, 2011 Star-Advertiser (SA) article, “Round-up of homeless feared during APEC.”

You need to show basic respect for this homeless man. Just because he is homeless does not entitle SA to treat him like a criminal. This man is not in an ideal situation, but he is still a human being. Every human being, prince or pauper, deserves basic respect. He has to be somebody’s son, or brother, father, uncle, or cousin. Who knows?

To add insult to your injury of this homeless man, you put his photo for sale for $26.95! Is SA sharing its profit with him? Did SA ask him for permission to market his plight? Whatever happened to basic decency?

Please review your policy. I hope this will never happen again.


Choon James