Christopher Deedy pleads not guilty in fatal shooting of Kollin Elderts

Jamie Winpenny

HONOLULU—Following his Circuit Court appearance this morning in the shooting death of Kollin Elderts, federal agent and suspect Christopher Deedy walked sullenly with his wife and with his attorney Brooke Hart through a swirl of television cameras and reporters. Deedy made no statement.

Deedy, through his attorney, entered a plea of not guilty on charges that include second degree murder following his recent indictment by a grand jury in the case. Judge Richard Perkins set a trial date for January 23, 2012, in the courtroom of Judge Karen Ahn. Defense counsel Hart requested a 90-day waiver due to prior trial commitments on Hawaii Island, and was told by Judge Perkins that a decision on the request would depend on Judge Ahn’s response.

Attorney Michael Green, one of Hawaii’s most recognizable civil attorneys, is representing the victim’s family in a civil action. He spoke with reporters following Deedy’s hearing.

Green said that the family will sue the federal government, believing that Deedy was, in fact, on duty at the time of the fatal shooting. He said that there is an abundance of witness testimony in the case, and that cashiers working at the time of the incident at the Waikiki McDonald’s restaurant were called to testify before the grand jury that indicted Deedy. Green also indicated that Deedy’s movements on the night of the shooting have been tracked accurately through witness accounts.

Green said that homicide detectives in the case have taken statements from multiple witnesses and that “we’ve learned a lot about it.” He also expressed his surprise that so many people have “publicly voiced their outrage” in the case.

When asked whether the fact that the victim tested positive for alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana would have any bearing on the case, Green said that he had expected Elderts to test over the legal limit for alcohol.

“I don’t care if you have alcohol, a trace amount of cocaine or marijuana,” said Green. “That’s not grounds to shoot and kill anybody.” He also said that if Deedy believes that he was justified in what he did, “then let a jury decide.”

Green added that he believes that a knife found at the scene was used to cut away the victim’s clothing in an attempt to administer first aid, and that Elderts had no weapon at the time of the shooting.

Below: Michael Green, attorney for the family of Kollin Elderts, speaks to reporters on Monday, November 21.