Honolulu City Charter Amendment: Grants-in-Aid

This amendment seeks to authorize the City to implement a Grants-In-Aid program.  The state government has a Grants-In-Aid program, where a portion of state tax dollars are set aside for 501c3 organizations (non-profit organizations) to use to fulfill basic public services. 

Proponents contend that this amendment is important to ensuring the City fulfills its obligation to provide basic government services for those in need. Many contend that non-profit organizations are sometimes able to provide essential public services in a more efficient, timely, and cost-effective way than government. 

Opponents argue that this amendment is ripe for abuse because there are no standards or process for ensuring Grants-In-Aid are given in a fair and transparent way. They point to the scandal raised by the Grants-In-Aid program at the state level that was used to reward the allies of certain politicians. A more robust application process has since been established at the state level.