Help to shape the agenda for the 2014 elections

Hawaii Independent Staff

Over the next few months, the Independent will be covering the 2014 election season by focusing on the issues identified as the most important by our readers. Your input will be used to build an agenda which will guide the questions we ask of candidates, and the enterprise stories we pursue.

The Process

We want to hear from as many as people as possible about the issues which you’d like the candidates to discuss this election season. Leave us a comment, send us an email, stop by our offices, tweet us, catch us at the grocery store.

We’ll assemble a representative group of community leaders to review the responses and turn it into a coherent document. After a few rounds of edits, we’ll publish the complete Agenda 2014, and notify the candidates that we’re seeking their response to your questions on the issues.

In addition to posts here and on social media, we’ll also be convening in-person gatherings and candidate fora.

What issues do you want the candidates to discuss this year? Leave a comment below.