Speak out on Honolulu City and County budget, fees, and taxes

Jamie Winpenny

HONOLULU HALE—The Honolulu City Council will convene this week to discuss a number of bills that could have a far-reaching impact on the cost of living on Oahu. Several bills provide for multi-year increases in taxes, fees, and City services.

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Bill 12, Bill 13, and Bill 14 relate to the City’s 2011-2012 legislative, executive operating, executive capital budgets, projecting revenue, and appropriating funds for a variety of City funds. The bills spell out where the City’s money is coming from and how and where the City will spend it.

Other bills to be considered involve providing for a multi-year increase in fees for a variety of City services, including sewer fees, parking fees, and fees for golf at municipal courses.

Bill 19 will allow for an increase in the fee to visit the Honolulu Zoo.

Bill 22 sets the real property tax rate. Real property tax exemptions are at risk of decreases, including those available to charitable organizations.

An increase in the fuel tax is contained in Bill 23.

This session of the City Council will also address dozens of procedural resolutions and appointments to key City positions.

For the full Council agenda and instructions for providing written or spoken testimony on any of the matters to be discussed, click here.

If the pdf documents for the bills on the City website do not load correctly, view them as a word document here

Honolulu City Council meeting
Honolulu Hale, City Council Chamber
Wednesday, March 16 at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.