Cayetano calls for brakes on rail

On Friday, the state Supreme Court found that the city broke state law when it divided an archeological inventory survey of the 20-mile rail route into four segments.

Hawaii Independent Staff

Ben Cayetano today sent a letter to Mayor Peter Carlisle and HART CEO Daniel Grabauskas calling on them to halt construction and design work on the Honolulu Rail Project.

The mayoral candidate writes:

By allowing the design and construction work to continue the City is running up millions of dollars in costs – costs that will ultimately have to be borne by the taxpayers of Honolulu. This is unwise. In the event the archeological study discovers massive iwi and burial sites in the path of the current rail route, significant changes may have to be made, wasting the design and construction now being done despite the Court’s ruling. The taxpayers should not pay for the cost of that work.

Therefore, I urge you to order all construction and design work on the Honolulu Rail Project to cease immediately.