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Mayor responds RE Rail, Blaisdell projects
  • Verbatim

Without addressing it directly, the mayor implies that Speaker Saiki's letter regarding simultaneous execution of these projects was misleading to the public. Read More »

House to Mayor: One project at a time is all Honolulu can handle
  • Analysis

With the precarious financial nature of the Rail project—just recently bailed out by the state—and the city's history of mismanaging it, the Speaker of the House today told Mayor Caldwell that the city should focus on getting its priority project under control before starting on ancillary ones. Read More »

Will Caron
The Rail tax special session: what happened to our representative democracy?
  • Opinion

How the rumble over Rail has fractured relationships between legislators, between O‘ahu and neighbor island constituents, and dangerously eroded trust in our representative democracy. Read More »

Will Caron
Honolulu City Council to hold special rail meeting on Friday
  • Announcement

A joint budget and transportation meeting tomorrow will decide whether resolution goes before full council. Read More »

Public briefing on rail funding set for August 14
  • Press Release
Special session will be called to fund Rail
  • Press Release
Alt Rail plan could be completed with existing funds
  • Announcement

"Salvage the Rail" group releases alternative Honolulu route map for a street level plan that would save taxpayers from a GET surcharge extension Read More »

Accountant’s analysis of rail data shows “pattern of errors and inconsistencies” →
  • Analysis

Errors include the mixing of accrual basis and cash basis numbers; double counting $298 million in revenue; three different amounts for expenditures; flaws in projected ridership numbers; and a $140 million adding error, among others. More at What Natalie Thinks »

Natalie Iwasa
Land is power in Honolulu Hale
  • Analysis

All nine Honolulu council members and the mayor owe their positions, in large part, to donors with strong ties to Hawaii’s powerful land development interests. Read More »

Will Caron
Is rail too little, too late?
  • Analysis

With auto sales, population and tourism numbers projected to continue to rise rapidly, how effective will rail actually be in reducing congestion on Honolulu roads? Read More »

Alex Kekauoha
Rail’s growing money pit
  • Review
Alex Kekauoha
HART seeks to fill board of directors seat
  • News Report
Alex Kekauoha
HART to examine five contract bids for “Farrington Group” of rail stations
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$1.56 billion rail budget approved →

Board members overseeing the city’s rail project Thursday approved its largest capital budget yet, clearing rail officials to sign $1.56 billion in contracts in the coming fiscal year to build the project. More at Star-Advertiser »

Rail, full speed ahead →
Last stand for rail opposition →

In San Francisco, a three-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard from the opposition to Honolulu's rail project. Watch the video. More at Star-Advertiser » Read More »

More human remains unearthed

More human remains have been unearthed by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit. Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey
Letter to the next mayor: We need a better planning process
  • Opinion

Hardline supporters or opponents of this rail plan have an easy choice on Tuesday. But moderates – such as myself – who want mass transit yet oppose the specifics of this rail plan are in a difficult position. Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey
More human remains found along rail route →

More human remains, including an intact burial, were found Monday as the HART archaeological inventory survey continued along the Honolulu rail route. More at KHON »

Supreme court denies city’s rail motion →

The Hawaii Supreme Court on Thursday denied a City and County of Honolulu motion for the high court to reconsider its ruling on the city’s controversial $5.16 billion rail project.
The takeaway: rail is still stalled. More at Pacific Business News »

FTA delays rail funding til after election →

Dennis Camire, reporting for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:

"We look forward to signing a full funding agreement … by the end of the calendar year, barring any unforeseen complications," [FTA spokesperson] Farber said.
More at Star-Advertiser (paywall) »

Kaleikini has til Friday to respond on rail lawsuit →

Paulette Kaleikini, plaintiff in the iwi lawsuit which has temporarily stopped rail work, has until Friday to respond to a city motion to keep construction going. More at Pacific Business News »

City files a motion to keep rail rolling →

The city today requested that the Supreme Court reconsider its decision that rail archaeological studies must be completed before rail construction begins. More at Pacific Business News »

The shutdown of rail – what does it mean?

Is the shutdown of work on the Rail only a blip in the grand scenario? Or is it the first tangible evidence that the project is unraveling? Is it a costly digression? Or the beginning of the end? Read More »

Tom Coffman
Cayetano calls for brakes on rail

On Friday, the state Supreme Court found that the city broke state law when it divided an archeological inventory survey of the 20-mile rail route into four segments. Read More »

By Sunday morning, Honolulu may or may not have a mayor. →

Civil Beat is reporting that Cayetano may have 55% of the Honolulu electoral set to send him to Honolulu Hale. It's pretty amazing that the former Governor's numbers are this good, given the institutional backing of the pro-rail camps (and his track record as governor). More at Civil Beat »

Ikaika M Hussey
Construction begins on rail control center →

"This is the brains, and the trains. The maintenance facility is where we house the 80 trains. We will maintain them and it will also be our operation control center," said HART Executive Director Dan Grabauskas.
More at KITV »

Rail stations designs changing →

Any changes to the elevated platforms will likely be detailed in the latest Project Management Oversight Contractor report, which is due out this week.
Current designs are available here. More at KITV »

Future of rail, development hinge on mayoral election →

David Shapiro, in his Star-Advertiser column:

To build more housing for more commuters appears to double down on a failed strategy. Even with rail, these developments would add more cars and congestion than we have today.
Apologies if you can't get past the paywall. But his thesis – that this year's mayoral race is a referendum on rail and the push to develop ‘Ewa, which themselves are linked – is cogent. More at Star-Advertiser (paywall) »

Telling the truth is no disservice

Cayetano responds to the Star-Advertiser's criticism of his release of rail-related emails. Read More »

Ben Cayetano
Courtesy photo
Cayetano releases FTA emails →

“This is the most mismanaged project in 28 years of office,” Cayetano said today after reading several of the emails to the media. He is running for mayor in 2012, and critical of how his opponents, Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle, and former city Managing Director Kirk Caldwell, managed the project.
More at Hawaii Reporter »

Governor Cayetano and Judge Walter Heen
Rail revenue surpasses projections, city officials say
Rail: City Department of Corporation Counsel responds to federal judge’s ruling
HonoluluTraffic.com calls judge’s motion a victory for anti-rail activists
Comment: What will rail and HOT lanes do for Honolulu?
Panos Prevedouros
Honolulu's morning rush hour traffic. Photo by Ken Tam
Consensus comes to City rail workshop in Kalihi
Jamie Winpenny
Dozens gathered at Farrington High School Tuesday for a Transit Oriented Development workshop. Photo by Jamie Winpenny
Verbatim: Major conflicts of interest with Honolulu Rail Transit consulting firm
A preliminary rendering of the Pearlridge rail station. Courtesy Photo
Letter: Actually, the rail transit board is as political as you get
Letter to the Editor
An artist's rendition of a planned Waipahu rail station.
Plaintiffs confident in lawsuit against elevated rail
Former Gov. Ben Cayetano leads a press conference at Honolulu Hale against heavy elevated rail transit in January. Photo by Jamie Winpenny
Downtown Neighborhood Board to discuss rail, noise, reapportionment
Council transportation committee to hear hundreds of rail property acquisitions
An artist's rendering of rail in Downtown Honolulu. Courtesy Photo
Verbatim: Elevated rail is all about politics and money, we can’t afford it
Letter to the Editor
A computer simulated rendition of the preliminary Pearl Highlands Rail Transit Station plans.
Banana Patch properties picked for rail facilities, families must relocate
  • News Report

Emilio Farinas has lived in his home on the Waiawa Banana Patch for 12 years. His family's home is one of 10 located on the area selected for a Park-and-Ride facility as part of the Honolulu Rail Transit plan. Read More »

Samson Kaala Reiny