U.S. Senate candidate Lloyd Jeffrey Mallan answers your questions

Samson Kaala Reiny

KAUAI—Candidate Lloyd Jeffrey Mallan is running for U.S. Senate in Hawaii’s General Election.

Mallan is a classically trained musician on Kauai. He has been a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 2 in 2002 and 2008 and was the vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii from 2004 to 2008.

The Hawaii Independent presented reader-submitted questions to each General Election candidate. Responses will be published in the order in which they are received.

Here are Mallan’s responses.

Who is your largest campaign contributor?
I have no campaign contributors. I am not looking for contributors, but a platform upon which to speak. The government is a hodge podge of political interests to whom politicians play to get into and stay in power.

Where do you stand on civil unions? Do you think that the debate over gay marriage contributes to gay bashing in our schools?
I do not believe that any marriages should be sanctioned or licensed by the State. People that wanted their marriages sanctified wrote it in their bibles in the past.

As a Libertarian, I believe that “gay” people should have the same rights as anyone else, the right to sue for injury in partnerships or in any relationship should be preserved.

People that claim to be homosexual have had problems just living in our society. As it is now, bashing is something they have been subjected to and they should be protected against abuse by the law.

How, as an elected official, will you support and enforce the existing State laws that protect and nurture the rights of Native Hawaiians?
State laws should protect everyone, including those that are “Native Hawaiians.” I support sovereignty and the right of one entity to separate from another.

What kind of tax relief do you support and how else do we lower the cost of living for full time residents?
I support as much tax relief as possible. The cost of living would mitigate if there weren’t protectionist laws preventing goods from coming into Hawaii by favoring only domestic shippers and preventing foreign shippers from entering Hawaii.

How do you limit bureaucracy in government and manage civil work for efficiency?
Efficiency would improve if a lot of services would be removed from the government monopoly. Private concerns and non-profit organizations could handle most services, if not all.

What ideas do you have for improving our education system? Do you support a governor-appointed Board of Education?
I support the development of private schools and home-schooling. Abolish compulsory education and the Department of Education. Public Education often confuses young people and creates resentment for education because of the pressures and regulations placed upon them. As the curriculum goes, a zest to learn is inhibited.

What’s going to be your input in addressing Hawaii’s “homeless” crisis?
The “homeless” should be permitted to occupy public buildings because the government has created the crisis. Many are slaves of the welfare system. Opportunities for everyone would open up if there were less restriction and regulation in the market place.

How would you improve accountability in government?
I would support removing limited liability from government officials as well as corporations. I would support phasing out government controlled services.

What is your opinion on Hawaii’s current approach to renewable energy?
Hawaii means well in wanting renewable energy, but it is not enough. For one thing, the oil monopolies control the market place with the government’s blessing. At least with tax relief and deregulation, more enterprises should be encouraged to bring more renewable business to Hawaii.

Do you support legislation that would establish clear definitions and penalties for human trafficking in Hawaii?
The government should be involved with the removal of oppression of any human being. New laws and penalties should not be necessary if government did what it is supposed to do, i.e. protect the rights and property of citizens. Instead, the government often takes away the right and property of citizens.

Are you aware of concerns Hawaii residents have with the lack of enforcement of child support laws, and do you see a way you could address it if elected?
Courts should support the enforcement of judgments they they make. Instead, the judgments are forgotten or not honored by law enforcement and with those that are supposed to enforce civil judgments.

In balancing the State budget, what specific government programs or services would you cut?
All oppressive laws and agencies should be cut first. Eventually the welfare agencies and laws that enslave people should be phased out.

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