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The energy we need depends on the life Hawaii LEEDs
Downtown Honolulu's Pacific Guardian Center saved $400,000 in electricity costs in the first year after making LEED certified improvements to its buildings. Courtesy Photo
How well do you know your Public Utilities Commission?
Hermina Morita was appointed as chair of the Pubic Utilities Commission by Gov. Neil Abercrombie in February. Photo by Ricky Li
A nuclear Hawaii?
The Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine USS Texas departs Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on June 23. Photo by U.S. Navy
Heeia Pier General Store and Deli brings sustainable food philosphy to an old time venue
Food maestro Mark Noguchi is all about the local fresh greens at the new Heeia Pier General Store and Deli in Kaneohe. Courtesy Photos
Pupukea farmer sees growth potential for community-supported agriculture
Pupukea farmer Meleana Judd describes her nurturing of community-supported agriculture as keeping a healthy rotation on lots of parts and pieces. Courtesy Photos
Land Use Commission denies industrial park petition
Lualualei Naval Road/Kolekole Pass Road (part of former route 78) long ago let civilians travel between the west coast of Oahu and central Oahu via Kolekole Pass, but is now closed to civilian traffic. From
Decision to build light industrial park on Lualualei valley farmland postponed
In August, Waianae residents held signs in opposition to build the proposed industrial park on farmlands in Lualualei Valley. Photo from
Lanai resists plans for 200 wind turbines, each taller than the First Hawaiian Bank Building
Above: An image rendered by the Friends of Lanai showing what a proposed 410-foot-tall wind farm turbine would look to scale if one were situated coming out of the Hawaii State Capitol in Honolulu. Below: In October, Lanai residents held signs in protest of the wind farm plans.
Artistic Rendering and Photos by Friends of Lanai
Community comes to the defense of Lualualei Valley’s ag land
Above: MAO Farms managing director Gary Maunakea-Forth tells the Land Use Commission that there is demand for farms on Oahu. Below: Lori Ludlum shows on the overhead projector the traffic dangers near Princess Kahanu Estates.
Photos by Samson Kaala Reiny
Violent evictions continue on Rapa Nui
Kihi, from Rapa Nui, after being beaten by police.
Photo courtesy of
Ticket to ride: The Hawaiian Railway Society takes Ewa back in history
Above: No.85 back home waiting for its cab. Below: The cosmetic restoration of Oahu Railway and Land Company No. 12 has begun.
Courtesy Photo
L.A. rally to draw attention to violent Rapa Nui evictions
Signs were made for Thursday's protest by the Save Rapa Nui U.S.A. Coalition.
Blog: ‘Stairway to Heaven’ still hell for some, Envision Laie talking points shared
Looking up the historic Haiku Stairs hiking trail, also known as "Stairway to Heaven."
Oahu Island Burial Council calls for a stop to Kaena Point fence, questions State procedures
The forthcoming fence is situated just mauka of the Leina Kauhane.
Koolau Loa Neighborhood Board support for Envision Laie ruled null and void
Supporters of the Envision Laie development, wearing blue t-shirts, pack the Koolau Loa Sustainable Communities Plan community meeting on December 7.
Kamaile Academy group files official complaint with Attorney General against Hookakoo Corporation
Above: Hookakoo Corporation chair Keith Vieira tells parents at Kamaile Academy about the firing of principal Clarence DeLude on November 5. Below: The Kamaile Academy 2010 May Day King and Queen's procession.
Waianae parents, teachers grill board for firing Kamaile Academy officials to chase federal cash
Ho‘okako‘o board members, with board chairman Keith Vieira pictured speaking at the mic, defend their decision to fire Kamaile Academy's CEO and principal.
Residents raise concerns of gridlock, ‘homelessness,’ and industrial waste in Waianae plan
Above: Eagle Scouts from the North Shore area help carry supplies to build fence step-over structures, trail steps, and a water catchment at Kahanahaiki, a sub-gulch of Makua Valley. Below: The remnants of Waianae's "tent city" were carted off in caravans of vehicles in July. Bottom: The Waianae Small Boat Harbor was authorized in 1964, but no major construction took place until the late 1970's. The 300 boat development was finally completed in January 1979.
Critics say there’s no way to know for sure about Monsanto’s magic beans PAGE 3 Critics say there’s no way to know for sure about Monsanto’s magic beans PAGE 2 Part III. Healthy or hazardous? Critics say there’s no way to know for sure
Monsanto, known for producing Roundup Ready soy and cotton, is developing a new soybean, intended to be healthier for consumers.
Neil Abercrombie victory lap focuses on the call for change made by all sides of this election
Photo from Neil Abercrombie's visit to the Honolulu Auto Show held at the Hawaii Convention Center on March 25, 2010.
Part II. New GMO soybean may one day be found in our food: Monsanto’s word is our only safeguard

Video: Michael Pollan talks about the impact of Monsanto’s new Omega-3 soybean Read More »

Author, food activist, and UC Berkeley journalism professor Michael Pollan has a conversation with The Hawaii Independent's Samson Kaala Reiny about Monsanto’s new genetically modified Omega-3 soybean, which is expected to be in supermarkets as near as 2012.
State House District 15 candidate Larry Fillhart answers your questions U.S. Representative candidate John Willoughby answers your questions Part I. Monsanto’s new Omega-3 soybean: Healthy or hazardous? Koolau Poko Sustainable Communities Plan: Cemetery expansion continues to raise concern
Above: Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery off of Kamehameha Highway on Oahu's Windward side. Below: Mokolii Islet, popularly known as Chinaman's Hat, at the north end of Kaneohe Bay, seen here from the south shore of Kualoa Beach Park.
U.S. Senate candidate Lloyd Jeffrey Mallan answers your questions North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan sets ‘country’ guidelines, leaves room for some development
Above: The historic twin-span "Rainbow Bridge" over the Anahulu River. Below: A panoramic view of Haleiwa Hotel, opened by Benjamin Dillingham in 1898, in a photographic print by Melvin Vaniman.
Development and Sustainable Communities Plans direct Oahu’s future, everyone has a say
A view of the dense urban portions of Honolulu from a plane just after takeoff from Honolulu International Airport.
Sustainable Communities Plans will shape Oahu’s future Hawaii’s Teacher of the Year recognized for creativity, holding high expectations for our keiki
Hawaii's Teacher of the Year winner, Kristen Brummel, third from left and pictured below, along with Hawaii's six District Teachers of the Year.
Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan update available for review Home healthcare system links life and technology for Hawaii’s elderly
The healthcare industry is finding new ways to incorporate the latest advances in technology into helping senior citizens develop healthy habits.
Agency inaction puts possible royal Hawaiian burial complex at risk to Haseko development
Above: Ewa Beach's Oneula coastline that fronts Haseko's pending marina. Below: An example of a large pohaku, or stone, that once stood where the marina is now located. Bottom: The niho palaoa found with the royal remains in 2001.
PVT landfill: Nanakuli residents say big business is trumping their basic health concerns

Residents ask why the Department of Health is promoting business over public safety Read More »

A bulldozer sits in the foreground at the PVT landfill; precautionary lining is buried in the foreground. Nanakuli residents who live adjacent to the facility say dust blowing onto their homes is a constant problem. A series of respiratory illnesses reported among residents have raised further health concerns about the nearby landfill, which also disposes of asbestos.
City Council postpones action on Oneula Beach Park’s cement barriers
Cement barriers line Oneula Beach Park in Ewa Beach.
OHA considers legal action to protect cultural sites against Army Stryker vehicles
Above: Col. Matthew Margotta, commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, assists local native Hawaiian community leaders with the planting of an Ulu tree following the Native Hawaiian Covenant signing between the local Hawaiian community and U.S. Army-Hawaii on March 24. Below: Soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division train on their Stryker vehicle during Exercise Key Resolve at Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, Korea.
Concrete questions, crumbling answers: Government officials admit that the rules weren’t followed
Cement barriers line Oneula Park in Ewa Beach.
Strykers: Following public outcry, OHA calls on Army to honor 2008 agreement
The U.S. Army's 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division conducts limited training exercises using Stryker vehicles in Hawaii. A Stryker vehicle crew, pictured above, belonging to the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, fires a TOW missile during the brigade's rotation through Fort Polk's Joint Readiness Training Center.
OHA ‘drops the ball’ in protecting cultural sites from Stryker brigade
The U.S. Army's 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division conducts limited training exercises using Stryker vehicles in Hawaii. Above: An M1126 Stryker vehicle and squad in Iraq. Below: A Stryker vehicle crew belonging to the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, fires a TOW missile during the brigade's rotation through Fort Polk's Joint Readiness Training Center.
Thousands protest Hyatt Regency, a hundred arrested for blocking traffic
Protestors stood along Kalakaua Avenue arm in arm in front of Waikiki's Hyatt Regency.
Dread and hope, pride and praise in the aftermath of HB444

Emotions echo from veranda to rotunda following Lingle's veto announcement Read More »

State Capitol security separated both sides of the civil unions bill during Gov. Linda Lingle's veto announcement -- those in opposition of HB444 were allowed on the fifth floor outside the governor's office, and supporters set up on the ground floor.
LGBT need support from whole community to blaze the trail to equality →
A symbolic marriage cake in favor of allowing gay marriages in Italy not only to heterosexual couples but to lesbian and gay ones as well. Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto
Banana Patch properties picked for rail facilities, families must relocate

Emilio Farinas has lived in his home on the Waiawa Banana Patch for 12 years. His family's home is one of 10 located on the area selected for a Park-and-Ride facility as part of the Honolulu Rail Transit plan. Read More »

The House of Limu: Clinging on to the past →
Uncle Henry Chang-Wo
Photo by Samson Reiny
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